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January 04, 2014


Adventuring into 2014

In with the new and out with the old. I have never thought that resolutions should only be for a new year however it does Seiko SAST015give us a good excuse to try something new or buy something new.  For the promise to travel more or take more vacations. The Seiko Astron is the perfect companion for this resolution. Whether you are vacationing through the islands of Caribbean’s, or on an Alaskan cruise adventure, climbing the Mountains of Everest or even just jet setting for work through time zones. The Seiko Astron with one click of a button will adjust to the correct time zone anywhere on the planet.
Seiko SAST009

This analog solar powered GPS watch recognizes 39 time zones.  With its limitless range, the Seiko Astron receives signals from orbiting GPS satellites which can automatically or manually sync to the correct time and date.  It does this by determining the location by GPS then comparing that information to its baseboard that divides the Earth’s surface into a million squares assigned to specific time zones. Its accuracy is within 1 second every 100,000 years. To account for such pristine accuracy, every 18 months the Astron receive leap-second data to adjust for the Earths gravital slowing rotation.  
 The Seiko Astron is powered by sunlight or any form of light source which charges its battery. It takes only six minutes of sunlight to operate the Astron for one day. There is a power reserve indicter on the dial between the 9 and 10 o’clock, E or F indicates empty or full status.  When fully charged in active mode the Astrons battery keep up to 2 months timekeeping.  When in sleep mode its reserve is good for 6 months however the GPS receiver will not operate when low on power and does not tell time until exposed to sunlight and “woken up”. It is important to keep the battery charges as it takes up to 65 hours of sunlight if charging from empty to full.Seiko SAST025
The perpetual calendar is accurate till 2100. Along with the power reserve indicator there is 3 other functions within, such as the inflight mode and an on/off, DST (daylight savings time) indicator. There is also a signal reception acquisition status of 1|4+. With the hour, minute, second hand there is also the day located at the 3 o’clock marker and a 24hr sub-dial along the 6 o’clock. The anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal gives 99% anti-glare visibility. The luminous markers come in orange (SAST025), blue (SAST009) or  white depending on what model and the case is lightweight high intensity titanium or stainless steel both with ceramic bezel.  There is the option of silicone band, stainless steel or titanium bracelet with a tri-fold push button safety clasp closure. 

Kintaro HattoriThe new Limited Edition 2013 Kintaro Hattori SAST100 comes with both a titanium and crocodile band.  Released in September to commemorate 100 years of Seiko and pay homage to its founder and visionary Kintaro Hattori. There are only 5000 produced worldwide. The case back has his name and moto saying, “One step ahead of the rest” and the traditional Seiko “S” stamp in gold. Prices range from 1,850 for the stainless steel version up to 3,850 for the limited edition pieces.
Seiko has always been an innovator in the technology of watchmaking with a long history of many awards.  As they produced the world’s first Quartz watch in 1969. This as we come to know was called the Astron which changed the forefront of modern watchmaking and continues the evolution with their latest creations.
December 24, 2013


Some of my favorite things…

It’s that time of year to show our appreciation to our family through gifts giving. What better gift then the traditional gift of a wrist watch. In this modern age of cell phones and gadgets a wrist watch is still something that is personal and functional. The feel of a watch around my wrist and that motion and feeling of checking the time always gives me a sense of importance. It’s an extension of oneself, and an acceptable, classic tradition that hints to your status, or pedigree, and at one time navigated maritime ships and wartime fighter planes or timed a Century of births and deaths. Wearing a wristwatch still has that emotion and sentiment of the connection to history that is timeless.ulysse nardin blue

Watches have evolved from function to funky, flashy, hi-tec, complicated, and glamorous wearable art. One of my favorites by Ulysse Nardin is the Classico Automatic 8153-111-2/E3. It has a classic look with roman numerals and date but with a modern feel of an elegant enameled “grand feu” guilloche dial that gives a multifaceted reflection of glorious iridescent blue color. It comes with a blue leather strap however I like the sleekness of a stainless steel bracelet. This is definitely a statement piece.

Seiko bright Yellow Another sportier yet modest choice for watches is the Seiko Automatic SKXA35 Diver. It has the date and day along with a bright yellow dial and luminous markers. The bezel rotates and comes with a black rubber strap and 200 meters of water resistance. A watch that can truly take a licking and keeps on ticking.Swiss Kubik Skull Flowers

Of course if you give the gift of time, your automatic watch will need an equally reliable watch winder. One of my favorites in this category is Swiss Kubik’s Tuning Startbox with your choice of colors and skins. I like the "#1 Skull Flowers" skin. As I am a fan of the “Day of the Dead” artwork, this pays homage with its flowered skull in bright lively colors. It is a single unit winder that runs on 2 C-cell batteries and operates up to 3 years. With 1900 rotations per day that’s a lot of punch for this 10x10cm cube. When looking at single unit winders, I also like the Scatola Del Tempo Rotor One HDG Winder with its lilac soft touch Italian leather. This is classy, elegant and durable. It Comes in several colors and finishes along with your choice of protective metal cover in silver or gold.

Underwood LondonWe also have lovely handcrafted accessories such as our stainless steel rotating globe cufflinks by TF est. 1968 for something unique. Underwood jevelery rollWatch/ Jewelry storage cases by the likes of Underwood London make great gifts also. The UN208 leather jewelry roll is convenient for travel as it takes up very little space in your luggage and comes in several colors. A beautiful and thoughtful gift that’s functional.


Wrap these gifts up in brown paper and tie them up with string these are a few of my favorite things.

December 01, 2012


Buben & Zorweg Quantum

Display your collection in style!buben&zorweg quantum

One watch or 100 watches, Buben & Zorweg has the solution. Whether it be storage boxes of handcrafted supple leathers and exotic sustainable woods or Watch winding units to accommodate a single cherished timepiece to a collection of dozens,  they are all available from the House of Buben & Zorweg. But it does not stop there, Buben & Zorweg has always been aware of the collector of fine timepieces also being an aficionado of other tastes and collectibles such as fine spirits, cigars, and of course Vinyl records  and hi-fi  systems for the audiofile.

This had led to the introduction of the Buben & Zorweg Quantum. A custom made solution for all of your desires and pleasures.

The number of units in the quantum can grow to meet all of your needs. The Quantum system is based around four main module styles. The watch winding modules are suitable for the winding of 4 or 16 timepieces. There is also a bar presentation module, a humidor with a German electronic humidifying system and also a drawer module with 4 individual adjustable drawers to accommodate watches, jewelry, a gentleman's tray for cuff-links, pens, etc and a universal drawer. Valuables in the Quantum drawer module are well hidden and readily accessible.



Each of the Quantum modules are lined with the finest velour, have an electronic locking system, state of the Art  lighting technology with fading function and the finest German craftsmanship.

Each Quantum module measures:

500 x 440 x 425 mm ( 20 “ x  17.6” x  17” ) has a weight of 41 kg ( 82 lbs) and runs on mains operation.


If you have any further questions about installing your own custom Quantum storage system, please do not hesitate to call or email us here at TimeScapeUSA .


November 15, 2012




Craig Zaligson

Welcome to TimeScapeUSA

Thank you for taking a moment to visit our new blog. This is the first of what will (I hope) be many reports about the stance and innovation taking place in the timepiece industry. We will be covering watch winders, watch storage and timepieces in upcoming blog reports. 

I should mention that TimeScapeUSA (along with our sister site WatchWindersPlus) is an authorized dealer for all of the items that appear on our web site. We are also a real 'brick & mortar' (2100 Sq Ft) store residing at the  U.S. Bank Plaza in the financial & legal sector of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are a  purveyor of fine timepieces and ideal cut diamonds and have proudly been in business since April 1995. The main brands of watch winders and cases that we carry are:
In my estimation, these watch winder brands are the top 5 commercially available products in the world today. Why do I feel that way? Simple! They are made extremely well in reference to their fit and finish, fine German motors that are efficient and quiet and also made to last for many years into the future. In other words our watch winders are not meant to only operate for 1 week past the 1year warranty period and then fail.
My next blog will be dealing with the new line of watch winders introduced at Basil by Buben & Zorweg. You will definitely want to see pictures of these as they are absolutely beautiful.
The last thing I will say is that “ I love watches, and always have “. Lets all have some fun with this blog.
Thank you – Craig Zaligson (owner)
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