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Our collection of Chronovision watch winders, safes, and display cases combine German engineering with innovation and modern technology, making Chronovision one of the most trusted purveyors of watch winders, watch safes, and watch display cases. At TimeScape, we have a wide variety of Chronovision hand-made, sleek, and compact modern watch winders and wall safes. Produced and manufactured completely in Germany, Chronovision is developed and designed with the finest materials and components with a special attention to detail. The elegance in design and engineering that Chronovision brings to their watch winders, safes, and display cases offers horology connoisseurs modern, smart, and chic and secure ways to display their timepieces.

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The Chronovision One Watch Winder line takes inspiration from its namesake: the chronograph, a multi-functional and intricately-designed wrist watch. These modern watch winders are 4” x 4” x 4” compact cube systems, completely programmable by your smartphone through Bluetooth technology. You also have the option to sync with your computer through a USB connection. These cubes are lightweight, easily stackable, and battery operated, which makes them portable and easy to store in safes. Any of these winding devices can easily sync with up to six units in the Chronovision One Watch Winder line to keep up with your growing timepiece collection.

The center console body is made of aluminum with a sturdy synthetic terpolymer shell, and is accented with a variety of elements. Select from a wide range of styles and materials, such as anodized aluminum, chrome, carbon, Macassar wood, PVD coated, veneered, and lacquered finishes. TimeScape’s Chronovision watch winder collection includes over 40 variations of designs and finishes to choose from.


They offer more than just their world-class Chronovision One Watch Winder collection—at TimeScape, we’re proud to supply Chronovision’s other collections, such as the multi-unit tabletop Ambiance line and the Prestige, which can be wall-mounted with brackets. Both pieces have luxurious LED lighting that showcases the multi-unit winders beautifully. The Collection’s cases allow for storage of your timepieces along with storage for your Chronovision One watch winders which fit conveniently within the case.

Chronovision’s watch safes are considered the “guardians of time”, functioning as a breathtaking piece of furniture as well as a secure watch safe for your timepiece collection. Whether it’s Chronovision’s Empire watch safe, Chronovision’s Momentum watch safe, or Chronovision’s Grand Momentum watch safe, these impressive pieces are fully customizable, secure, and the perfect, most elegant compliment to your timepieces. Contact us today and order smart and stylish watch winders or watch safes that offer solutions for your watch winding or watch security needs.


Chronovision Watch Winders and Watch Safes are some of the most trusted winders and safes in existence. Every Chronovision winder and safe is modern, elegant, and chic and offers a secure and dynamic way to display your collection of watches. Chronovision watch winders and watch safes combine fine tuned German engineering that create perfection and an sophisticated display.

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