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Orbita - Tourbillon 3 | Programmable Watch Winder
Orbita - Tourbillon 3 | Programmable Watch Winder $ 2,545.75 $ 2,995.00
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Orbita - Tourbillon 1 | Programmable Watch Winder
Orbita - Tourbillon 1 | Programmable Watch Winder $ 845.75 $ 995.00
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The Tourbillon's revolutionary digital technology allows digital displays of exact time and turns per day (TPD). Truly unique is the photo-optic system that counts each cylinder rotation and automatically advances the rest position 30° after each rotation. Each turn of the winder delivers your watch into a new incremental position. Your watch rotates 390º in each cycle, then comes to rest. The succeeding cycles repeat the 390º rotation, resulting in 30º steps. After 12 cycles, your watch has circumscribed a full 360º. These actions, in effect, make any watch a tourbillon by canceling out the effects of gravity on your watch's balance wheel and promoting supreme accuracy. Set within the robust crystal glass sleeve enclosure, every nuance of the winder is fully visible. The digital TPD display automatically resets at midnight and several flashing blue LEDs add a dramatic visual effect. Operation is enabled by a supplied power adapter. 

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