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The exceptional craftsmen of Orbita watch winders tailor designs around the mechanisms and maintenance to provide optimal care to your timepiece. Innovative patented movements such as Orbita watch winder’s Rotorwind technology, which uses ball bearing materials and incorporates gentle swinging motions and solid state-of-the-art construction make Orbita watch winders one of the most trusted brands to display your time pieces.

Orbita watch winders ensure the longevity of your most treasured timepieces. Choose from Rotorwind or other programmable options in a variety of modules. Timescape offers Orbita single units, multi-units, or even a travel watch winder to cater to your unique tastes and ideal preferences. Allow us to assist you in your selection and shop our collection of sophisticated and elegant Orbita watch winder collection.


Orbita - Sparta 1 Deluxe Single Watch Winder | Burlwood
Orbita - Sparta 1 Deluxe Single Watch Winder | Burlwood $ 420.75 $ 495.00
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ORBITA - Sparta 2 Deluxe Double Watch Winder | Burlwood
ORBITA - Sparta 2 Deluxe Double Watch Winder | Burlwood $ 675.75 $ 795.00
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ORBITA - Artisan Triple Watch Winder | Salvador Dali
ORBITA - Artisan Triple Watch Winder | Salvador Dali $ 3,395.75 $ 3,995.00
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The level of care and insight that goes into the development of Orbita watch winders caters to any discerning watch enthusiast or owner who wishes to ensure the highest level of care for their timepieces. Each Orbita watch winder case is created with a commitment to technological versatility and incorporates a carefully crafted luxe style.

Every Orbita watch winding box, cabinet, watch case, and travel watch winder is made in the U.S.A. and comes with a two-year factory warranty. Each of our Orbita watch winders and cases are meticulously made from luxurious burl and teakwood, carbon fiber, or genuine calfskin leather with attentions to detail such as beveled glass and decorative quadrant hinges. The attention to detail, meticulous design, and commitment to both quality and beauty make Orbita watch winders some of the most high-quality winders available.


Orbita's Rotorwind watch winder technology is designed with innovative patented movements and incorporates swinging motions that gently wind your watch, mimicking the natural movement of a human wrist. The standard winding program of the Orbita Rotorwind watch winder technology signals the internal processor to rotate the drive motor every 10 minutes with one single revolution. This single movement triggers a series of rocking motions that gently oscillate your timepiece back and forth, using the process of gravity to wind the watch. To suit your preferred winding methods, an alternate battery-saving fifteen-minute winding cycle setting and a programmable version is also available with battery compartments or optional power cord.


Whichever model design you choose, from table top, wall mounted, cabinets to a single travel watch winder, the Orbita watch winder Collection offers a beautifully crafted solution to the storage and maintenance of your favorite timepieces. Only Orbita watch winders feature the Rotorwind technology, guaranteed to ensure the longevity of your timepieces through modern innovation and advanced movements.

TimeScape offers free shipping in the United States to guarantee you will have your new Orbita watch winder in a timely manner.