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When it comes to keeping your most valuable timepieces collection protected, it’s important to choose a secure winding system built with flawless integrity and the strictest safety standards in mind. Our collection of safes, watch vaults, and multi-storage winding systems adhere to the highest level of security and craftsmanship, as well as stunning style and design. Choose from security systems that are TL rated, bullet proof and fire retardant composed of steel and armor plated with GPS tracking option, laser curtain, fingerprint and pin-pad locking systems. Technological wonders with elements including concealed compartments, two-way security glass,  biometric with concealed compartments.

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A Reputation for Excellence

Each exquisite safe in our collection is crafted by reputable brands and prestigious manufacturers of the highest caliber such as Buben & Zorweg, Underwood (LONDON), Chronovision and Scatola del Tempo. If you’re looking for the most secure way to safeguard your collection of watches, pens, fine jewelry, or other prized possessions and valuables, we’re confident that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for among our high-end selection of watch winder safes, watch vaults, and multi-storage winding systems.

Choose from the Best

With TimeScape, you have the option to customize your watch vault safe by choosing interior components such as the number of storage drawers, compartment spaces and watch winders. Choose the style of storage drawers such as jewelry, watch, cufflink drawers or valet trays with optional liqueur cabinet, gun collection, clock display or museum window. You can customize the interior and exterior of your multi-storage security winding safe in exotic woods, luxurious leathers, hi-gloss piano wood,  with accents in polished chrome and stainless steel in various materials, colors, textures with a variety of features. Choose from smaller scale wall units and table top options to individual large scale pieces of armored storage units.

Whatever your personal taste and individual needs for securing your collection of timepieces and other valuables, we invite you to explore our collection of luxury watch vaults, safes and multi-storage winding system here at TimeScape.