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Luxury Watch Winders from Minnesota's only dedicated watch boutique.

Founded in 1995, TimeScapeUSA has established itself as one of the nation’s finest timepiece boutiques. We provide high-end men’s watches and luxury watch winders both online and at our brick-and-mortar store in Edina, Minnesota.

luxury watch windersAt TimeScapeUSA, we respect our clientele’s impeccable tastes. This is why we favor watches and watch winders that blend creativity in design with steadfast commitment to mechanical excellence. Those who browse our collection will notice a strong focus on Swiss timepieces, as well as European watch winders crafted in the finest leather and wood. We also offer GIA and AGS certified diamonds, plus previously owned, rare and high-end watches.

At TimeScapeUSA, we have made value and unparalleled service our top priorities. Our selection is personally curated by our owner, Craig Zaligson, who applies his exceptional passion and expertise to discerning the quality, luxury, and style that honor the traditions of watchmaking at its finest. We also employ a Swiss-trained and certified watchmaker on staff.

Owned and Operated With Care and Commitment

Owner Craig Zaligson has invested his passion for fine timepieces into building one of the most trusted names in his field. He selects only the very best in high-end men’s watches and luxury watch winders, honoring the discerning tastes of his clientele. Not one to fall into complacency, he builds on his own expertise each year with continuing education, seminars, and trade conventions.

luxury watch windersOur resident watchmaker is one of 400 Swiss certified in his trade working in the United States. Trained at the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI) and the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program (WOSTEP), he has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to excellence in his trade. He also holds several additional industry ratings in a range of horological complications, making for a knowledge base that is as versatile as it is precise.

Growth Built on Quality and Dedication

In February 1995, Craig Zaligson left a corporate career to found TimeScapeUSA. Through his steadfast dedication and commitment to excellence, he developed the business quickly enough to spur numerous relocations within a few short years.  In August, 2014, Mr. Zaligson opened his present store location in Edina, Minnesota. Since its founding, TimeScapeUSA has grown to become one of the most trusted names in high-end men’s watches as well as luxury watch winders.

A Trusted Source for Watch Winders

luxury watch windersTimeScapeUSA is an authorized dealer for five major watch winder brands, making us among the most reliable retailers for this high-end item. For those who may be new to these products, a watch winder solves a common problem among timepiece owners, especially collectors. Even an automatic or self-winding watch must be wound regularly to maintain its function and settings. A watch winder allows the owner to take off his/her timepiece, leave it for days at a time, and come back to find the functions and settings operating without disruption. Often crafted from wood and leather, these devices allow owners of high-end men’s watches and women’s watches to maintain their timepieces (be they one or several), without compromising convenience.

Offering Unparalleled Service

TimeScapeUSA operates under the mission to provide friendly customer service bolstered by thorough expertise. We want everyone who visits us, online or in person, to feel completely at ease. This is why we promise never to sell anything to a customer unless we honestly believe it will add to the quality of his/her lifestyle.

At TimeScapeUSA, we take honest and approachable customer service so much to heart that we’ve been members of the Better Business Bureau since 1998. We are proud to say that in that time, we have never received a complaint, maintaining an A+ rating.

TimeScapeUSA also offers a range of additional services, including timepiece and watch winder repair, appraisals, and opportunities to sell, trade, and consign. We hope you’ll enjoy browsing our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Explore our wide inventory today.