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Airman 7

April 07, 2015

Here at TimeScape we have a special love for Glycine.  The scrappy little brand out of Biel/Bienne has been disappointing the naysayers by producing timepieces of consistent quality since 1914. 

In the same vein, the new Airman 7 is a tidy marriage of where Glycine is going and where it's been.  A model that debuted back in the late nineties, the 7 aspired to the kind of visual complexity then overtaking the rest of the industry.  Three separate time zones, each driven by a separate mechanical movement, all packed into one enormous 46mm watch case.

But like some libidinous sailor struggling to maintain a family in every port, how are you going to keep three movements happy in one can?  I'm here to say that the new Airman 7 somehow manages to stay happily married and still keep all the friends with benefits.

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Basel World 2015 - Eye on Basel

March 24, 2015

Your own Mr. Timepiece, watch enthusiast and founder of Timescape, is jetting his way to the big event. Yes, the place to be if one loves watches: Basel, Switzerland.  And if you are into yodeling, chocolate and great scenic vistas, also a good place to be. I am always awestruck upon entering the exhibition hall. It is a sense akin to being clothed in the aura of horologic history and legend, that stunning first impression of timepiece nirvana. And there are thousands of adherents like myself, advancing mere feet at a time, jostling to continue their pursuit of fantasy.                                                                                                              

I will be forwarding images and video from Basel. 

More to follow when I return.

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“Watches Are a Personal, Emotional Endeavor”

March 23, 2015

In the interest of enlarging the discussion, TimeScape will continue to host occasional interviews with members of the local watch enthusiast community.  I know Brian through #REDBARMSP and as a client interested in customizing his private pieces.  We exchanged a few notes by email regarding where he fits in the ecology of enthusiasts, and his perspective may surprise you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                "A watch isn't just the timepiece; it's the history, tradition, and branding.  Many companies can make a solidly engineered product...that has no soul."  "You want my watch money, you need to be proven."

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When “No” Means “No”

March 03, 2015

Here at TimeScape we make it our mission not just to service your particular watch, but as many varieties of timepiece as possible but every once in awhile, to my shame as a technician and Student of Horology, I have to tell a client “No can do!” . Our “heirloom” pocketwatches were the Swatch watches of their day: stylish, mass-produced, shoddy items, priced to sell to people of varying means. Does this make such things impossible to repair?  Of course not.  It makes them impossible to repair at a reasonable price, commensurate with the value of the piece itself.  Parts are often unavailable, or made in such a way that they cannot be installed, so I must reluctantly council the client that to proceed would be folly. 

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