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Do you have multiple watches and are considering a watch winder or storage unit for your collection but just aren't sure which one will fit your needs best? We are authorized dealers for the top 5 watch winder brands and can help educate you on the different features that will best accommodate your needs.

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Watch Spa 101

February 24, 2015

When I was young my father spent every weekend washing and waxing his British racing green Triumph TR-7.  Actually it was a red Volkswagon Rabbit, but keeping it pretty was the next best thing to owning the car he wanted.  When your majority stake in that tech start-up finally pays off, TimeScape will be happy to curate monthly additions to your collection of fine timepieces.  But until you can be with the watch you love, we advise: Honey, love the one you're with.

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Now available - New Orbita Ercolano Collection

February 23, 2015

The world’s largest purveyor of luxury watch winders for both automatic and manual wristwatches, LED flashlights and other fine gifts and accessories, ORBITA, has partnered with renowned Italian case maker ERCOLANO, to launch the all-new Ercolano Watch Winder Collection. This exquisite winder collection features five contemporary designs, with and without additional storage space. Ercolano also manufactures and sells deluxe, handcrafted gaming sets, jewelry boxes and other fine accessories. 

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When Condition is All that Matters

February 16, 2015

Here at TimeScape, we saw a lot of interest in one of our previous posts, “On Collecting,” and thought that it might be worthwhile to continue the conversation. One of our esteemed local collectors agreed to chat with us via email about a particularly rare find, a new old stock Omega Speedmaster 105.012-65. For the true watch enthusiast, this has all the marks of a good detective story, and it gives us a window into the life of a passionate collector at work.

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What Happens During the Repair of My Watch?

February 10, 2015

Here at TimeScape, we pride ourselves on offering a full slate of watch repair services.  As watchmaker and head technician, I am on the most intimate terms with your timepiece during its service journey and best placed to offer guidance and answer questions.  Allow me to illustrate the process.

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