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January 14, 2015



Here at TimeScape, when we present a brand with a dedicated aesthetic or philosophy, we don't assume it will grace every wrist.  Procrustes we ain't.  With their slim cases, spartan dials, and ongoing attachment to a particular moment in the history of jet age elegance, Glycine watches don't always appeal to the masses.  But for the enthusiast seeking a particular idea of quality, it might be the perfect fit.

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Caring for Your Watch

January 05, 2015

Care of your Watch

Here at TimeScape, we make money when you spend money.  Let's not prance about pretending to be altruists, and God Bless America while we're at it for the free market that allows us to charge a fair price for goods and services. But after the Platinum Card has changed hands and we've sent you off with watch, box, and papers, what then?  Or alternately: maybe Santa was too busy to give you a primer on your new present?  It's easy to fall in love, but from the first day there's a certain amount of maintenance involved. Though it acts against our interests, once again we are here to help.  By following a few simple hints, the life of your watch can be extended – if not indefinitely, at least until such a time as you pass it on to one of your more appreciative heirs.  The frightening alternative is headache, heartache, and more money for us – specifically more money for me, your humble watchmaker.

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About Graham Watches

December 26, 2014

Graham is a line that not many people in the States are acquainted with.  It's a brand full of cloak and dagger, the delights of European hubris, and exotic space-age materials, and worth getting to know for the enthusiast of contemporary watchmaking with flair. George Graham was an 18th century English watchmaker working in London with curious inventions and is the inspiration behind the brand of Graham. The Graham Watch website claims he invented the chronograph – and it's an understatement to say that claim is hotly contested. 


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Successful #REDBARMSP Event

December 23, 2014

Amazing event, thanks to all who came to the #REDBARMSP monthly get-together. There was some exceptional pieces shared such as an A. Lange & Sohne, Ulysse Nardin's Trilogy Set, and the Sonata Cathedral, along with a DOXA and Nomos with plenty of Omega's and lots of Rolex's to be had.

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