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We specialize in Fine Timepieces, Watch Winders and Cufflinks

 Stop in and browse our collections of exclusive collector brands like Ulysse Nardin, Graham and Glycine or pick our expert watchmaker's brain for answers to all of your horological questions. We offer a variety of services for our customers from basic watch repairs like properly changing watch batteries to complete overhauls of fine timepieces. We also offer watch appraisals and collection consultations.
Do you have multiple watches and are considering a watch winder or storage unit for your collection but just aren't sure which one will fit your needs best? We are authorized dealers for the top 5 watch winder brands and can help educate you on the different features that will best accommodate your needs.

If you're interested in watches, we're here to help.


Hosting #REDBARMSP Monthly get-together

December 18, 2014

Come be merry, talk watch and share in your love of timepieces. Were pleased to host the monthly #redbarmsp get together here at our boutique. 

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Straps and Bracelets

December 11, 2014

Some say a Gentleman knows nothing about the grade of oil in his car's engine, as such information is the purview of his mechanic.  Similarly, unless about to barter one's hair for a platinum chain (and so engender a tragicomic morality tale) how often should the means of securing a watch to one's person be of issue? At TimeScape we say: Often!   The architects of horological style have a say over the appearance of case, dial, hands, and bezel – but for the true watch enthusiast, selecting a strap or bracelet can be a real joy.  It's the intimate interface between him or her and that treasured timepiece and a recess of personalization.  



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Calling All Watch Enthusiasts..

December 09, 2014



TimeScape is pleased to host #REDBARMSP monthly get together. Come be merry, talk watch and share in your love of timepieces. Our boutique and watch studio will be open extended hours for all to enjoy along with beverages, snacks, fellowship and fun. 

Southdale Office Centre

6800 France Ave. S

Suite 173

Edina, MN 55435


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How to Buy a Watch, Part 2: The Right Watch for You

November 24, 2014

Let us assume you have reflected on the styles of watch available, the brands on offer, the functions you desire, and that one special piece has caught your fancy.  It's easy to fall in love with a fine timepiece, but your friends at TimeScape are pleased to play escort and keep you from missteps owing to the irrational exuberance.

Questions of price are outside the range of our inquiry.  Some buy watches as an investment, but this is an arena best left to experts where ignorance is especially costly.  The question of value is similarly fraught, though the wilds of the Internet are thick with opinion.  Our advice: purchase the watch that appeals to you, if you can afford it, after testing it against the following criteria.

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