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Watch Repair in Minneapolis

At TimeScapeUSA, we pride ourselves on providing the very best watch repair in Minneapolis. We understand that poor watch service can significantly lower the lifespan of even the finest timepiece, which is why we strive for excellence in every repair and inspection we provide. Bearing in mind that proper service must be provided by a certified watchmaker trained in an accredited program, we employ our own highly trained, in-house watchmaker. We also make sure he has every necessary tool at his disposal, ranging from an ultrasonic cleaner to a pressure tester. As such, we are fully prepared to offer a full range of services for our customers’ timepieces.

Highly Trained Staff

Our full-time watchmaker boasts exceptional credentials for watch service, including luxury watch repair. Not only is he one of only 400 Swiss-certified watchmakers in the United States, he is one of only two Level Four watchmakers certified by Breitling in the nation. His 2007 graduation from Saint Paul College with a WOSTEP certification was only the beginning of his ongoing training, which included time with Ulysse Nardin in Le Locle and La Chaux-de-Fond. Our watchmaker is proficient in a full range of mechanical complications, and operates out of our on-site repair shop in Edina, Minnesota.

Dismanteling Watch

Precise Mechanical Attention

Our watchmaker devotes careful attention to a range of mechanical repairs, including:


Cosmetic Care

When seeking watch repair in Minneapolis, finding a watchmaker who can perform cosmetic repairs is a valuable plus. Our cosmetic services include:


Specialized Watch Service 

Luxury watch repair can sometimes require services that stray out of the ordinary. In order to meet our clientele’s full range of needs, we provide many specialized services, such as:

Water Resistance Testing - Primarily for dive pieces and other watches that endure regular submersion, this diagnostic can be applied to any timepiece to gauge resistance to water and pressure. Gaskets and seals are all fully evaluated, then repaired and replaced as needed.

Complete Quartz and Mechanical Movement Servicing - Watches that feature more complicated functions require deeper levels of service. To that end, we provide a full dismantling, inspection, and ultrasonic cleaning. As part of this process, the case is also refinished, and worn parts are replaced. Finally, the timepiece is reassembled, lubricated, adjusted, and thoroughly tested for compliance with the most stringent industry standards.

Exemplary Service

To provide the very best in watch repair in Minneapolis, we also include a full range of a la carte repair options. On the rare occasion that a timepiece requires a special kind of care that we can not provide, our concierge factory service will ship the watch for factory repair. We maintain excellent relationships with several brands and manufacturers, which help to ensure your timepiece will receive the best care possible. If your timepiece is in need of service, please stop by our Edina, Minnesota location for a free consultation and assessment.




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