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Watch Repair in Minneapolis

At TimeScape, we pride ourselves on providing the very best quality, watch repair services in Minneapolis. Our watchmakers our experts and proficiently trained to service a variety of timepieces from quartz, solar, and mechanical to vintage pieces. We offer a full range of of services from simple battery installations, band sizing and cleanings, crystal and crown replacement, pressure testing to complete overhauls of complicated movements. We do estimates and offer a full one year warranty on services. Stop in or give us a call and allow us to service your wrist watch with the utmost precision care and you can be assured your coveted timepiece is in the excellent hands of our competent certified watch technicians. 


Highly Trained Expert Staff 



Our expert watchmakers are WOSTEP and CW21 certified from the prestigious Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program and the 21st century certification from the American watchmakers clock-makers institute. As any watch enthusiast should know, proper maintenance is the key to the longevity of your precious timepiece investment. Like all mechanical pieces, your watch should be serviced every now and then with an overhaul or tune-up (We recommend every 3- 5 years). Entrusting in a well qualified watchmaker to clean, oil and adjust your timepiece and address any potential issues will guarantee your timepiece is well maintained and handled properly. It is much more cost effective to have your repair or service done correctly the first time than having to fix and repair damage from a shoddy, incompetent service job. We here at TimeScape are qualified and offer a full range of services for all your timepiece needs and strive for excellence in every repair and inspection we provide.  



Precise Mechanical Attention  


Cosmetic Care

Specialized Watch Service 


Exemplary Service

We work on most brands and strive to provide the very best in
watch repair and service in Minneapolis. We offer a full range of a la carte repair services and options. Some brands such as Rolex, Breitling, Ulysse Nardin, and Cartier need to be factory serviced to circumvent voiding the manufactures warranty. As a courtesy we offer concierge shipping services. Our concierge factory service will ship your watch for factory repair if it requires a special kind of care or service unique to the brand. Be assured when you entrust us with your timepiece we will provide the best care possible and offer a full one year warranty on services and repairs. Stop by our Edina, Minnesota location for a free consultation and assessment if your timepiece is in need of service. 

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