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Since 1995, the BUBEN&ZORWEG brand has been creating and designing luxury watch winding masterpieces for the most discerning watch collector with impeccable tastes. Combining state-of-the-art technology with expert fine craftsmanship, BUBEN&ZORWEG designs the worlds top-of-the-line watch winding systems and multi-functional safes, winning numerous awards for their luxury goods. Manufactured in Austria and Germany using the most exclusive materials and innovative construction that combine watch winder storage safes with interior humidors, wine/liquor cabinets, gun storage components, sound systems and built in presentation museums to make a complete showcase. 

With a BUBEN&ZORWEG Time Mover® you’ll get the perfect companion to compliment your timepiece collection that allows you to display your watches in modern, elegant fashion coupled with beauty and security. Browse our collection of watch winders, security safes, storage and accessories here at TimeScape and experience the luxury and exuberance of BUBEN&ZORWEG. 

BUBEN & ZÖRWEG - Orion XL Safe | Bespoke
BUBEN & ZÖRWEG - Orion XL Safe | Bespoke Price by Request
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Progressive technology combined with fine German craftsmanship, a top-of-the-line BUBEN & ZÖRWEG Time Mover® will beautifully display your timepiece collection like a work of art. From high-end table-top watch winders units such as the new NEO Collection or the popular Vantage Series, to exuberant luxury multi-functional watch winding safes is the perfect housing to display and protect for your coveted collection of timepieces and jewelry.  Fireproof and VdS anti-burglary certified with bullet-proof spyglass, re-enforced external hinges, to alarm and tracking system add-ons, BUBEN & ZÖRWEG storage safes are made with all the elements of security in mind. With meticulous details and progressive design, custom style your wall safe to your specifications including interior components (number of winding units and drawer inserts) to humidors, wine/gun storage, and grandfather clocks extras. Choose between colored leathers and stitch, with accents of carbon fiber, and exotic woods with LED lighting and high definition surround sound capacities incorporate a full body experience, these meticulous details makes for an exuberant presentation. All BUBEN & ZÖRWEG products from TimeScape come with a 5 year warranty to back up its quality manufacturers standards.