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Watch Brands

TimeScape is an authorized dealer for some of the most high-end sought after and prestige watch brands, including Eterna, Hamilton, Graham, DELMA and Seiko. We offer the best quality, staple and designer watches for sale, from the most distinguished and trusted watch manufacturers in the world including buying and selling pre-owned timepieces. In addition we service and repair most timepieces and carry a large selection of watch accessories, luxury watch winders, and watch cases to maintain and showcase your timepiece collection.

We are proud to be a full fledged timepiece boutique with a storefront location specializing in watch winders and watch accessories. We offer free complimentary shipping on all orders within the US and are available to assist you in your selection and purchase any time of the day. Visit our showroom today and shop our selection of luxury wrist watches and watch winders here today at TimeScape. 

The Eterna Watch Brand is synonymous with timepieces of the highest quality with Swiss watchmaking traditions, and an outstanding spirit of innovation. From the workshops of Grenchen, Switzerland since 1856 comes the passionate desire to master horological challenges and improve existing features and accomplishments which drives Eterna aesthetics. With revolutionary ingenious creativity's such as the legendary Kontiki and its voyage across the ocean, or the Hollywood glamour of the Golden Heart, and the Military inspired Heritage Collections, which all respect the art of traditional watchmaking. Eterna is your choice for timepiece excellence with it's commitment to pioneering new designs and movement technologies with its ode, experience and history of classic watchmaking. 


Glycine exemplifies traditional Swiss craftsmanship, with flawless beauty and intricacy of timepiece innovations inspired by world timer watches for pilots and frequent travelers. Based in Bienne, Switzerland since 1914, Glycine continues to be a leading pioneer for developing multi-timezone fine timepieces influenced by aviation. Explore iconic collections like the coveted pilots watches of the Airman, Combat Sub dive watches, F104, KMU48 and the California dials of the Incursore Collection, and see why Glycine is a brand that stands the test of time with quality and innovations that will appeal to the watch enthusiast and connoisseur.

Explore and shop our Glycine Watch Collection and receive a complimentary Airman Book with every Airman timepiece purchase. 

Seiko Authorized Dealer

Seiko Limited Edition Automatic Watches

Seiko watches are the ultimate marriage of classic timepiece craftsmanship and modern technological achievement. Seiko is a world known tried and true watch brand spanning history since 1881. Founded by Kintaro Hattori, each timepiece is conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in-house down to the movement at its headquarters in Tokyo Japan. Seiko a word meaning "exquisite" in Japanese is a trusted company with many innovations and and contributions to horological technology that have won many awards.

Choose from a variety of Seiko models and staples such as the beloved "tuna can" shaped diver pieces including PADI limited edition pieces, the Re-craft series, Coutura Collection, Prospex radio-sync solar chronographs, and the new "cocktail watch" from the Presage line. Each Seiko piece in our collection is carefully curated, and we strive to carry automatic, hard to get and limited edition pieces guaranteed to be like no other watch you have ever owned. Explore our full inventory, and find all of the hottest designer watches for sale.