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TimeScapeUSA is an authorized dealer for many of the world’s leading sought after high-end and prestige watch brands, including Ulysse Nardin, Glycine, Graham, and Seiko. We offer the best designer watches for sale,from the most distinguished watch brands in the world. In addition to our large selection of watches we carry luxury watch winders, and watch cases to maintain and showcase your timepiece collection along with many quality men's accessories.

We offer free complimentary shipping on all orders within the US, and will happily assist and help in your selection of watches and watch winders. Shop our selection of luxury wrist watches and watch winders here today at TimeScapeUSA.

Here are just some of the industry-leading brands you’ll find as you browse our designer watches for sale:

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The motto of Ulysse Nardin is Genius perpetuated through time, which is an apt description of this centuries-old, internationally celebrated brand. This is, after all, one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers still in business, a name synonymous with fine timepiece craftsmanship. From their elegant Lady Diver models to their exquisite Marine Chronometer Manufactures, Ulysse Nardin proves time and again why they are the true pioneers of luxury watches. Once the preferred choice of seafarers, these treasured pieces are now beloved by wanderers and adventurers from all walks of life.


Glycyine exemplifies traditional Swiss craftsmanship, with a flawless beauty and intricacy that rivals even the oldest and most established watch brands. Based in Bienne, Switzerland, this leading timepiece provider has been at the height of fine timepiece innovation for more than a century, and continues to raise the bar. Explore iconic collections like the coveted Airman watches, Combat watches, and Classics, and see why Glycine is the inspiration for so many other leading Swiss brands. 

graham dealer

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Graham-London has perfected the art of class and refinement in the world of luxury watches, but it doesn’t shy away from the sporty or ostentatious. With Graham, there is truly something for everybody. English sophistication meets Swiss craftsmanship, and every watch tells a story. From the multifaceted Swordfish to the seek Chronofighter, Graham watches are exemplifying all of the greatest conventions of watchmaking even as they break the rules. 

Maurice Lacroix Chronograph Brands Page Image

Maurice Lacroix was founded in 1975 by Desco von Schulthess.  The brand focuses on maintaining traditional Swiss watch making techniques and artisan skills creating their own cases and producing entirely in-house complex movements and components for mechanical timepieces. Produced in Saignelelegier Switzerland, the line includes historic and heritage movements, limited edition models, quartz movements, modified ETA’s, that incorporate numerous complications including retrograde movements, power reserve indicators, and calendar modules. Maurice Lacroix has applied and invested their time in creating and bringing new life into producing contemporary watches with a passion for detail and perfection with proprietary innovations in complications and movements that continue to push the boundaries of horology and design.


Seiko Authorized Dealer

Seiko Limited Edition Automatic Watches

Seiko watches are the ultimate marriage of classic timepiece craftsmanship and modern technological achievement. Seiko is a world known tried and true watch brand spanning history since 1881. Founded by Kintaro Hattori, each timepiece is conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in- house down to the movement at its headquarters in Tokyo Japan. Seiko a word meaning "exquisite" in Japanese is a trusted company with many innovations and and contributions to technology that have won many awards.Each Seiko piece in our collection is carefully curated, and guaranteed to be like no other watch you have ever owned. Explore our full inventory, and find all of the hottest designer watches for sale.

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