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Watch Consignment

watch trade inThere are many reasons why one might want to sell a luxury watch. Perhaps the motivation is financial, personal, collection-related, or simply a matter of taste. Fortunately, there are three reliable options for those who wish for a fair return on their invested time and care. Whether a timepiece owner chooses to sell, trade-in, or agree to watch consignment, the staff at TimeScapeUSA will make every effort to ensure a smooth, fair, and mutually beneficial process.



For interested parties, we also buy gold, silver, platinum and diamonds as well as jewelry, coins and estate pieces. Such items are also inspected and appraised with special care. At TimeScapeUSA, we understand that each seller has his/her own unique personal history with the item in question, and we wish to honor it.

Watch Consignment

In consignment, an owner enters into an agreement with a retailer or other seller, who will sell the item for them. The original owner relinquishes their ownership only once the final sale is made to a customer, at which point payment is transferred to him/her. At TimeScape, we provide the following as part of the consignment agreement: a recommended sale price, our commission fee, and a timeframe within which the owner can re-evaluate the consignment agreement. For those wishing to place their watch on consignment with us, we recommend including documentation, the original box, and extra links (as available) along with your timepiece.


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Timescape understands that sometimes, rather than sell a luxury watch or place it on consignment, a timepiece owner may prefer to acquire a new or upgraded watch in exchange for their old one, plus the difference in value. There are many reasons a person may prefer to trade in their older watch for a new one. Whether for personal reasons, a matter of taste, a shift in collection focus, or simply a case of wanting to make a change, those who choose to trade in their old timepiece for an upgraded selection will encounter the same fairness, thorough appraisal, respect, and transparency as our other selling guests.

Offering the Best Experience Possible

At TimeScape, we place a special value on quality of service and care. We understand that parting with an old timepiece can sometimes be as difficult as it might be liberating. Whatever your reasons for selling their luxury watch, we will strive to treat you with the utmost respect and fairness. To ensure the very best in quality care, we arrange such sales, consignment agreements, and trade-in processes by appointment only. If you wish to honor us by trusting us with your timepiece, please call (877) 525-8880 to arrange your appointment today.