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RDI Watch Winders are new to the watch winding industry, but their dedication to quality and expertise in technology make RDI watch winders some of the most impressive on the market.

Founded in 2006, RDI founder Charles Kaeser has built his business on designing and developing luxury watch winders and accessories for some of the most prestigious watch manufacturers. RDI stands for Research Development Industry, giving RDI watch winders their brand name. Charles Kaeser started his career in pharmaceutical inventions and, with his long experience in the field of robotics, he began his custom watch winder brand with the creation of the Safe-lift.

Since the inception of the company, Charles Kaeser has developed high-end RDI watch winders for the most refined timepieces.

With an eye for detail and immaculate finishes, each bold and luxurious innovation characterizes this signature line. RDI provides luxury winding boxes that merge stunning visual appeal and luxurious details with cutting edge technology and unrivaled standards for precision.

TimeScape proudly offers RDI watch winders and features meticulously crafted products sure to please all timepiece enthusiasts.



RDI Charles Kaeser - Prestige Luxury Watch Winder | K10-7
RDI Charles Kaeser - Prestige Luxury Watch Winder | K10-7 $ 3,200.00
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All RDI watch winders are specially calibrated to match the high mechanical standards of Swiss horology, a feature that sets the brand apart from many competitors. Although RDI watch winders are rooted in the centuries of expertise that define the Swiss timekeeping industry, they maintain a consistently distinct, fresh, and innovative approach. With unique styling and materials for exceptional winders, RDI watch winders offer their most discerning customers the opportunity to create and conceptualize a fully custom watch winder to their unique tastes and imaginations.

RDI Watch Winders take a unique approach to design and offer a modern look and feel that offers an incredible display for your timepiece. The luxurious designs featured in RDI Watch Winders set RDI apart and create an unparalleled design and technology only found through RDI Watch Winders.


Over the past ten years, RDI’s swift ascent can be attributed to not only to its dedication to strict Swiss horological standards but also to its unparalleled vision for the future of luxury timekeeping, passionately displayed in RDI Watch Winders. At TimeScape, we take pride in being one of the few brick and mortar stores specializing in carrying luxury RDI watch winders from Charles Kaeser.

TimeScape’s RDI watch winder collection is perfect for collectors who incorporate their taste for art and innovation within their living environments. Showcase your precious timepiece collections and explore our RDI watch winder offerings today.