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Having revolutionized the mechanics of timepieces with quartz-based technology, SEIKO is again leading the way with brilliant innovations. As a highlight of their 8X series, Seiko Astron watches are the first to provide solar power and GPS within the same device. Not only are these exquisite timepieces battery independent, and energy saving innovation, they offer Atomic Clock precision, pinpoint location, and allowances for the correct time zone anywhere on the planet. Order yours today from TimeScape.

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Seiko - Astron GPS Solar "Morning Star" LE | SSJ021
Seiko - Astron GPS Solar "Morning Star" LE | SSJ021 $ 2,300.00
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Seiko - Astron GPS Solar "Morning Star" LE | SSH145
Seiko - Astron GPS Solar "Morning Star" LE | SSH145 $ 2,700.00
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Seiko Astron Watches

Once a day, Seiko Astron watches receive an automatic time signal from four or more satellites orbiting the planet. At this moment, the watch hands adjust on their own to reflect the local time with Atomic Clock precision. At the touch of a button, the Astron takes its GPS technology a step further by pinpointing location and identifying the correct time zone. Capable within any of the planet’s 40 time zones, this exquisite timepiece will make any necessary adjustments.

Thanks to their solar powered design, Seiko Astron watches have no need for batteries, and can function anywhere on the planet with a view of the open sky. With a power indicator displayed on the face, all models can be easily recharged by exposure to bright sunlight or a table desk lamp. The Astron even features a power save function for extra security. The power reserve is especially generous, offering 6 months in active mode and up to 2 years in sleep mode.

Our collection, personally selected by owner Craig Zaligson, is quickly expanding each year. With a history of watchmaking for over 100 years, Seiko is a dependable company with many awards for accuracy and precision, and has endured the test of time. That is why we are pleased with the modern innovation and technology that is always being developed in Seiko Astron watches. The revolutionary distinctive designs, classic styles, and trustworthy name behind the Seiko Astron company make this model an exceptional choice for anyone who appreciates top quality and luxury, whether you are a world traveler or just appreciate exceptional timepieces. Acquire yours today here at TimeScape.