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Luxury Watch Winders and Watch Cases

Are you in the market for a new luxury watch winder? TimeScapeUSA is proud to be an authorized dealer for several of the world’s most established and esteemed manufacturers of watch winders and luxury watch cases, including Buben & Zōrweg, Chronovision, Scatola del Tempo, Underwood (London), Swiss Kubik, Rapport, RDI, Wolf and Orbita. As an authorized dealer, we are able to offer all of these high-end quality collections  at a superior value, while also providing full factory warranties. Browse our vast selection here at TimeScapeUSA today.


Order Your New Luxury Watch Winder

For those maintaining a timepiece collection, or others who only own a single high-end watch and want to give it the best care, a luxury watch winder can prove an invaluable asset. As automatic watches go unworn, they lose their power. This causes the wearer the inconvenience of resetting their wrist watch each time they choose to wear it. Watch winders prevent this from happening by mimicking the human movements that keep automatic watches running, while also providing a stylish, protective case. 
Buben & Zorweg Luxury Watch WindersBuben & Zorweg Watch Winders

Buben and Zōrweg

Founded in 1995, Buben and Zōrweg specializes in groundbreaking technology in the realm of watch winders. They offer a range of sleek, polished cases for a look that combines traditional beauty with a modern aesthetic. Made in Austria and Germany, these watch winders can accommodate collections of any size, all while maintaining the mechanics of your timepieces with technology that is as innovative as it is reliable.

Chrono Vision Watch WindersChrono Vision Watch Cases


An ideal option for those seeking a single luxury watch winder, Chronovision offers a compact, cube-shaped design that can be utilized on its own or with a collection of others. These watch winders combine the very best of German engineering with modern technology, allowing them to be programmed from a smartphone via bluetooth, or from a computer by way of a USB port. When used together, the cubes can even be synchronized to operate in unison.

Scatola Del Tempo Watch WindersScatola Del Tempo Luxury Watch Winders

Scatola del Tempo

As the world’s first manufacturer of watch winders, Scatola del Tempo offers exceptional, time-tested quality and craftsmanship. Their collection includes a full range of options to suit any need, from single watch winders to luxury watch cases and even safes of impressive design and exquisite appearance.

Underwood London Watch WindersUnderwood Watch Winders

Underwood (London)

Born of a tradition dating back to 1948, Underwood celebrates the lifelong friendship and collaboration of two master craftsmen: Edgardo Rustioni and Michael Underwood. For decades, they poured their shared passion for nature and design into a legacy of fine leather goods. Upon Michael Underwood’s passing in 1990, Rustioni’s son took it upon himself to honor his father’s friend by creating a line of leather products in his name. Supported by groundbreaking engineering, a selection of high-end watch winders stand out as highlights in the Underwood collection.

Swiss Kubik Watch WindersSwiss Kubik Luxury Watch Winders

Swiss Kubik

Swiss Kubik boasts the distinctive honor of being the first luxury watch winder company to be entirely conceived and developed in Geneva, the birthplace of fine watchmaking. The breadth of knowledge abundant in this city is channeled expertly into the craftsmanship of this manufacturer, ensuring unparalleled compatibility with a collection’s Swiss timepieces. Swiss Kubik’s exclusive designs are modern and contemporary, with mechanics that mimic human wrist motions with uncanny accuracy.



Rapport Luxury Watch WindersRapport Watch Winders


A horological product manufacturer established in 1898, Rapport offers a full range of winders. Whether you are seeking a single, double, or four-watch winder, a display cabinet, or even specialty winders, Rapport is almost certain to provide you with just the item you need. This manufacturer also offers a stunning line of luxury watch cases.

Orbita Watch WindersOrbita Luxury Watch Winders


While luxury timepieces and watch winders may be a field dominated by European companies, Orbita bears the unique distinction of manufacturing all of their products in the United States. Their polished wood cases come with a vast array of cover designs to add to the decor of any home or office. Cases with open or glass fronts are also available for those who prefer to show off the beauty of their timepieces. 

  RDI Watch Winders by Charles Kaeser

RDI Charles Kaeser K10 Watch Winder Collection



Wolf Watch Winders

Wolf Luxury Watch Winders


Determining the Perfect Pairing

With so many brands and manufacturers to choose from, we here at TimeScapeUSA are at your disposal for assistance in finding that perfect watch winder to fit your specific style and all your horological needs. With a wide range of options, we want to ensure that your watch winder is not only compatible with your tastes, but also complementary to the style and mechanics of a given timepiece or collection, so don't hesitate to consult with our experts. At TimeScapeUSA, it is our pleasure to guide our clientele through the selection process, ensuring that everyone who visits us will come away from their experience fully satisfied.

Stop into our Edina, Minnesota brick-and-mortar store, and shop for the best selection of name brand, quality watch winders or visit our website anytime for our full selection available. Have questions? Let us be of assistance here at TimeScapeUSA -- we are happy to help. Contact us anytime day or night., and explore our full selection of luxury watch winders and luxury watch cases today.