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Watch Appraisals

Watch Appraisal

How much is your most treasured timepiece worth? The answer may surprise you. Luxury watches will gradually increase or decrease in value depending on a wide array of market factors -- including age, brand, condition, availability, and popularity. A quality timepiece may be valued at hundreds or thousands of dollars above its original price, which is why watch investment is such a lucrative enterprise. TimeScapeUSA offers professional, affordable watch appraisals, so you can learn the precise market value of your favorite piece.

Why Choose TimeScapeUSA for Your Watch Appraisal?

Our watch appraisals are performed by our in-house Swiss certified watchmaker. Typically customers receive their appraisals at a jewelry store by someone with limited knowledge of watches, and limited to no knowledge of how to properly handle a watch without causing additional damage.This is why we have our WOSTEP certified watchmaker carefully handle your favorite timepiece. We handle each watch with extreme care and meticulously assess the most minute details to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Ascertaining the important details needed to properly identify your special timepiece and its value  is vital if you choose to insure your timepiece. Many places like to "guess high" just to be safe, and then leave it to the insurance company to break the news of the actual value they will pay if/when the watch is lost or stolen. Our appraisal provides both a 'comparable replacement value' as well as the 'current fair market value' based on available comparables. We provide both of these on every appraisal because it is important to provide the information that your insurance needs for the type of policy you have selected for insuring your valuables.

Contact TimeScapeUSA for Modern and Vintage Watch Appraisal

If you would like to learn more about our watch appraisal services, or to get started with the appraisal process, give us a call at TimeScapeUSA, at 1 (877) 525-8880, or contact us on our website. We will provide you with the fast, affordable appraisal that you’re looking for, and assist you with the world-class customer service that we are known for. Don’t settle for less qualified or experienced appraisers. Contact TimeScapeUSA today, and get a professional appraisal that you can truly rely on, from a leading Swiss-certified watchmaker.

Watch Appraisals are $125 per watch.

Optional extracts from the brand archives are an additional cost where available.