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June 02, 2023



The Astron line has collaborated with the Resident Evil franchise, creators of the popular horror survival video games to create limited edition solar powered timepieces. Paying tribute and created specifically to appear and be worn by the popular characters in the series, Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield in the upcoming CG animated film "resident Evil - Death Island" set to be released in July.

The CG animated film Death Island is a sequel to Resident Evil: Vendetta. Featuring agent Leon S. Kennedy in his mission to rescue Dr. Antonio Taylor from kidnappers, while a mysterious woman thwarts his pursuit. Meanwhile, agent Chris Redfield is investigating a zombie outbreak in San Francisco, where the cause of the infection cannot be identified. With the underling common denominator being the victims all visited Alcatraz Island recently, Chris and his team head to the island where new horrors await.

Part of the X5 Titanium series, the Astron SSH131 & SSH129 are both special limited edition pieces of just 600 produced. Both models are made of super light-weight hard coated durable black ion finished titanium with a 42.7mm case. Featuring the logo title for Resident Evil: Death Island as well as “Limited Edition” and a serial number from 001/600 to 600/600 are inscribed on the case-back. Both Leon’s and Chris’s models have specialty made blue-glowing LumiBrite on the hands and indices not featured on any other models before, seen clearly behind a dual curved super-clear coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal. A date window is nestled between the 4 and 5 with day display sub-dial @3 and am/pm small indicator function for a clean look. The dual time-transfer sub-dial is located @ the 6 with flight mode, DTS, leap year and power reserve indicator wheel @9. The polished black coated push-pull crown has a water resistance rating of 100 meters with polished pushers that can adjust and switch between the main dial and sub dial for convenience comparing in-flight time zones

The worlds first GPS solar powered wrist watch, the ASTRON uses GPS satellite signals to program and set your watch at the touch of button. With cutting edge technology and energy saving innovation, the Astron Collection is powered by light with a 6 month and 2 year (in power save mode) power reserve. Produced with SEIKO'S own caliber 5X53 solar powered movement with multi-complications featuring automatic hands adjustment, perpetual calendar, daylight savings, world time and dual time functions. 

Chris Redfield Model

A former member of Raccoon City’s S.T.A.R.S. and survivor of the Mansion Incident, Redfield is a founding member of the B.S.A.A. His skills, decisiveness, strength and compassion are legendary among his colleagues.Chris’ preeminent combat skills, toughness, and imposing build are represented using a titanium case protected by Seiko’s Super-hard coating, all-metal bracelet, and substantial angular bezel. The bracelet makes use of a short link pitch to better fit the arm, ensuring stress-free wear even when wielding a weapon in mid-combat.The grayish-green color of the dial matches the uniform Chris wears in the film. The dial also employs an asphalt-themed texture, representing Chris’ aggressive side.


 Leon S. Kennedy

After surviving Raccoon City as a rookie police officer, he was recruited by the U.S. Government to become an agent in the D.S.O. His resilience makes him one of the government’s most formidable weapons against bioterrorism. Leon’s cool and stylish image is represented using an all-black titanium case as well as a titanium bezel with city codes arrayed on its side, further accentuating this model’s air of solidity.Leon’s model makes use of a black calf leather strap and gray-themed dial to match the denim and leather jackets Leon enjoys. The watch’s sharp indexes and second, minute, and hour hands are coated with ivory-toned LumiBrite , engendering a vintage feel while ensuring visibility and instant time recognition even during night and low-light missions.

Limited to just 600 pieces each and equipped with a specialty box and 3-year full manufacturers warranty call 1-877-525-8880 and get yours today! With GPS high-speed signal receptions, and time transfer function, you can be assured you will have the most accurate time anywhere in the world in any time zone. 

Craig Zaligson
Craig Zaligson


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