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January 25, 2017


What Does Your Watch Say About You?

Man with shirt cuff putting Ulysse Nardin Watch on

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to projecting a certain image, your watch can have a powerful impact on the style of your self expression. It’s important to familiarize yourself with what you like aesthetically, your lifestyle and profession, how your choice of watch contributes to your overall look, and what your personal watch style says about you. To help you discover your ideal watch style (or styles), here’s a brief guide to some of the most notable character profiles and classic luxury watch styles worth considering.


The Adventurer

Some individuals are defined by their lust for life, and pursuing new, exciting experiences is a central feature of who they are. Just like the people who wear them, the watches best suited to this personality profile are bold, strong, and geared for performance.

Seiko Prospex Dive Watch SRP 779 blk dial Pepsi bezel Stainless Steel w blk Rubber bandWe recommend models like the
Seiko Prospex Automatic, a dive watch with exceptional durability and rugged style. Featuring a tuna can shaped case and Pepsi colored bezel, as well as a silicone strap and water resistance to 200 meters, this piece will sustain in any environment. Offerings from the Glycine Airman Collection are also a classic favorite among lovers of pilot's watches. The nostalgic collection pays tribute to the world of flight with multi-time zone functions and 24 hour dials, nato straps and rotating locking bezel convey serious performance with a bold visual statement.


The Art Lover

ETERNA - KONTIKI 4 HANDS ETERNA-MATIC blk dial Stainless steel case w braceletFor a true lover of art and culture, a
classic luxury watch is more than a mere timepiece. Each detail reveals something about the wearer, and the orientation of particular details are key. While functionality is still of great significance, this type of person profoundly understands the value of beauty, and his or her watch communicates a high level of discernment, taste, and insight. If you find yourself in this category, we recommend a watch similar to Eterna Kontiki Four Hands Series.  A striking watch for the gentleman that appreciates refined tastes whose balance, texture, and intricate subtleties are an ideal match for the discriminating palate. This piece has a runic pattern dial with a central day/date disc giving it an unusual look. The attention to unique details such as diamond shaped hands and pyramid numerals will appeal to the eclectic individual. 


The Jetsetter


Maurice Lacroix Eliros Eternity Moonphase white dial brown band black backgroundFor frequent world travelers, expert communication is crucial. This is true, not only for the communication of information, but also the communication of ideas. To communicate your best and truest self, a sophisticated and visually stunning, yet subtle timepiece is essential. We recommend the Maurice Lacroix Eliros MoonPhase wrist watch, a piece as functional as it is beautiful. This watch is ideal for serious travelers, and boasts an exceptional caliber of precision timekeeping. The thin 10mm case is traditional looking enough with a satin white dial and Roman numerals, but the center moonphase complication makes a statement complete with blue sky and stars.


The Leader

A traditional staple piece that transcends the test of time, a
classic luxury watch can denote status and significance in any decade. The ideal statement piece for a true leader can convey power, professionalism, and command authority of a room without ever lifting a finger. High-quality materials in metals, of polished gold and silver, to clean and clear clutter-free dials that display all the basics such as date, hour and minutes, with a no nonsense leather band often define this type of watch.

Eterna Eternity for him blue dial w stainless steel case and braceletAs a stunning example, we recommend the Eternity Collection by Eterna. The line has various colored dials and finishes such as rose-gold and stainless steel, two-tone versions with classic crocodile bands and brushed and polished 7-link bracelets.The Eterna Eternity classic luxury watch is as powerful as it is elegant and will bestow the wearer an air of confidence.

Your Ideal Statement Piece

With hundreds of the finest, classic luxury watches from the world’s leading designers, We here at TimeScape are pleased to offer something truly exceptional for everyone. Whatever your personal taste, preference, and lifestyle, we’re excited to help you find the perfect piece.


For help in selecting the ideal item for you, we encourage you to visit us in-person, call our expert staff at (877) 525-8880, or reach out to us anytime via email at

Craig Zaligson
Craig Zaligson


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