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November 15, 2012




Craig Zaligson

Welcome to TimeScapeUSA

Thank you for taking a moment to visit our new blog. This is the first of what will (I hope) be many reports about the stance and innovation taking place in the timepiece industry. We will be covering watch winders, watch storage and timepieces in upcoming blog reports. 

I should mention that TimeScapeUSA (along with our sister site WatchWindersPlus) is an authorized dealer for all of the items that appear on our web site. We are also a real 'brick & mortar' (2100 Sq Ft) store residing at the  U.S. Bank Plaza in the financial & legal sector of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are a  purveyor of fine timepieces and ideal cut diamonds and have proudly been in business since April 1995. The main brands of watch winders and cases that we carry are:
In my estimation, these watch winder brands are the top 5 commercially available products in the world today. Why do I feel that way? Simple! They are made extremely well in reference to their fit and finish, fine German motors that are efficient and quiet and also made to last for many years into the future. In other words our watch winders are not meant to only operate for 1 week past the 1year warranty period and then fail.
My next blog will be dealing with the new line of watch winders introduced at Basil by Buben & Zorweg. You will definitely want to see pictures of these as they are absolutely beautiful.
The last thing I will say is that “ I love watches, and always have “. Lets all have some fun with this blog.
Thank you – Craig Zaligson (owner)

Craig Zaligson
Craig Zaligson


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