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December 01, 2012


Buben & Zorweg Quantum

Display your collection in style!buben&zorweg quantum

One watch or 100 watches, Buben & Zorweg has the solution. Whether it be storage boxes of handcrafted supple leathers and exotic sustainable woods or Watch winding units to accommodate a single cherished timepiece to a collection of dozens,  they are all available from the House of Buben & Zorweg. But it does not stop there, Buben & Zorweg has always been aware of the collector of fine timepieces also being an aficionado of other tastes and collectibles such as fine spirits, cigars, and of course Vinyl records  and hi-fi  systems for the audiofile.

This had led to the introduction of the Buben & Zorweg Quantum. A custom made solution for all of your desires and pleasures.

The number of units in the quantum can grow to meet all of your needs. The Quantum system is based around four main module styles. The watch winding modules are suitable for the winding of 4 or 16 timepieces. There is also a bar presentation module, a humidor with a German electronic humidifying system and also a drawer module with 4 individual adjustable drawers to accommodate watches, jewelry, a gentleman's tray for cuff-links, pens, etc and a universal drawer. Valuables in the Quantum drawer module are well hidden and readily accessible.



Each of the Quantum modules are lined with the finest velour, have an electronic locking system, state of the Art  lighting technology with fading function and the finest German craftsmanship.

Each Quantum module measures:

500 x 440 x 425 mm ( 20 “ x  17.6” x  17” ) has a weight of 41 kg ( 82 lbs) and runs on mains operation.


If you have any further questions about installing your own custom Quantum storage system, please do not hesitate to call or email us here at TimeScapeUSA .


Craig Zaligson
Craig Zaligson


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