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February 11, 2014

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Basel 2014 - Ulysse Nardin - Perpetual Manufacture

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Perpetual Manufacture

The ultimate icon in watchmaking, this new timepiece offers a taste of eternity with its manufacture movement UN-32 that allows the date to be adjusted both forward and backward. Time is a traveler on the road to eternity. To tame it, people have long learned to impose a rhythm on it, to shape it into a cycle. Thus watches were invented to keep time – but now at last comes one that casts light on eternity itself! Crafted in celebration of infinity, the new Perpetual Manufacture is powered by the incredible Caliber UN-32, a movement that features the most advanced perpetual calendar in the history of watchmaking. Allowing the date to be adjusted both forward and backward, this mechanical gem naturally accommodates the ebb and flow of time – in perpetuity. As a constant reminder, the dial is stamped with the symbol “∞”, to watch over this emblematic limited-edition piece.

The perpetual calendar is a highly sophisticated mechanism that takes into account not only the months with 30 and 31 days, but also the 28 days of February and the return of 29 February every four years. This means it possesses a mechanical memory of 1,461 days. The first time the Perpetual Manufacture will require manual adjustment will be in 2100, which would normally be a leap year but is an exception in the Gregorian calendar. As well as the day, date, month and year indications, which can be adjusted easily by turning the crown in either direction, the Caliber UN-32 in this exceptional watch also offers a second time zone. The hour hand can be advanced or moved back by high end ulysse nardin men watchone or more positions simply by using the dedicated “+” and “-” push-pieces at 4 and 8 o’clock. The height of mechanical sophistication, the calendar functions synchronize automatically when the hour hand is changed. And the GMT hand, picked out with a bold red arrow, can be used to indicate either the original time or a second time zone.

Such a horological gem deserves to be dressed in the finest robes. A worthy heir to the legendary GMT+/- Perpetual, the Perpetual Manufacture showcases a white ocean of infinite depth in the guise of a dial. While ensuring perfect readability, the openwork hour and minute hands add a delicate, light touch that characterizes truly timeless watches, while the GMT hand hovers over the flange marked with 24 hours. And to lend greater exclusivity to an already exceptional timepiece, the 43 mm case with its timeless design reveals a plate inscribed with the serial number on its side at 9 o’clock, making each piece totally unique. Just 250 watches in red gold and 250 in platinum will be made.

Technical data


Ref. 322-10 (red gold)

Ref. 329-10 (platinum)

  • Limited Edition:  250 pieces each metal
  • Movement: Caliber UN-32, 34 jewels                                    
  • Power-Reserve: Approx. 48 h
  • Winding: Self-winding chronometer movement with official rating certificate (C.O.S.C).
  • Functions:
    • Perpetual Calendar adjustable over single crown.
    • Second time zone on main dial with a patented quick setting mechanism.
    • Permanent home time indicated by 3rd hand.
    • Big date in double window.
  • Case: 43mm
    • Available in 18 ct red gold or platinum
  • Water-resistance: 30 m
  • Crystal: Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • Case-back: Sapphire crystal
  • Crown: Water-resistant
  • Bracelet/Strap: Leather strap with folding buckle

    Craig Zaligson
    Craig Zaligson


    1 Comment


    March 12, 2020

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