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November 04, 2014

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Resale Pieces

There comes a time when even the best of friends must part, and so it can be with you and a treasured time piece.  Whether it's a liquidation in favor of ready cash or the pretext for watch consignment minnesotasomething bigger and better, selling watches has been a part of owning watches for as long as there have been people with the means to acquire them. Now on the other hand, a vintage or resale piece can be particularly attractive to the connoisseur and bargain-hunter alike.  For a unique watch or one long out of production, there is usually no alternative – unless you know of a little place somewhere employing the ghosts of Jean-Marc Vacheron and George Daniels, still laboring at their trade.

Here at TimescapeUSA, we can act as agent to persons on both sides of the transaction.  The pieces we offer on consignment have been thoroughly inspected, with any necessary repairs or adjustments already complete.  You have our assurance that every Prestige Piece we showcase is ready and able to serve.  We actively seek watches from original owners or estates that come to us complete with display boxes and documentation, and make every effort to assure the provenance of the pieces we display. Our watchmaker follows a rigorous process in the initial evaluation of every piece before recommending a course of action.  Very few of the watches we evaluate for consignment comeUlysse Nardin Michelangelo to us in perfect working order, and most require regulation and a basic redressing of the case.  In rare events, we contract with the seller to undertake a full overhaul before proceeding with our examination. Not every piece can meet the stringent demands of our 15 point inspection, and in the event that a watch cannot be brought to a satisfactory state, it will not be accepted for consignment.   

  • External Inspection of Case and Components We endeavor to present every one of our consignment pieces at its best, so of course we must fully evaluate the watch case and all its components.  The case, crown, pushers, crystal, and bezel are all assessed for function and integrity.  In the event that repair or alteration might detract from the “personality” of the piece, such details are noted in the Consignment Report.  Vintage pieces will often display a patina or other markings on the dial and hands – for many collectors, this adds to the excitement of acquisition.
  • Water ResistanceAesthetics are important, but the primary purpose of the watch case is to Resale Watchesprotect the vulnerable movement inside.  Timescape pressure tests all of its water resistant consignment pieces with dry testing methods to verify the health of the case and its gaskets.  In the event of leakage, our technician can resort to a number of submersion testing methods.   
  • Additional Functions Especially in the case of more difficult pieces, it is important to establish the functionality of additional complications.  TimescapeUSA will assess all of the setting and quickset functions, as observing the working of calendars, chronographs, and other supplementary indications.
  • Timing and AmplitudeOur technician observes the functional behavior of the piece at full wind and then again after a full day of autonomy to insure that it running within specifications for amplitude and timing.  For high-draw complication such as chronographs, additional measurements are made.
  • Automatic WindingFinally, every potential consignment piece with an automatic winding function is evaluated for wind efficiency and total power reserve.

Upon purcUlysee Nardin San Marcohase, each of our consignment pieces comes complete with a Consignment Report, detailing the results of our 15 point inspection, as well as a record of repairs undertaken by us at the behest of the original owner.  You can peruse our selection with every assurance that TimescapeUSa presents these “pre-enjoyed” watches with enthusiasm and confidence. So if you're in the market for quality horology at a discount, stop by and see our collection, or call for a preview. 

TimescapeUSA has a number of consignment projects in the pipeline, and while we can't hold watches without a deposit, it doesn't hurt to have something to look forward to. And if it's time to part ways with one of your treasures, drop in for a visit.  Our watchmaker is a part of every consignment arrangement, and can provide practical guidance as to the state of your watch and it's current needs.  We'll do our best to see that you and your watch see a good result. 

Craig Zaligson
Craig Zaligson


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March 12, 2020

I think it would be fun to do.Yeah, I was SO tired when I got home . . . part way into the falafel prsecos, I wondered why I had decided to make dinner . . . crazy for sure .

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