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June 29, 2015


What to look for in a summer watch

summer watch

With the scorching days of summer upon us what better time than to pull out or purchase that perfect timepiece for fun, sultry, adventurous times. What makes the perfect summer watch? Of course water resistance is a must and rugged durability with comfort. With the land of 10,000 lakes you are bound to get out and enjoy them whether its water skiing, boating, or fishing, we love our lakes in Minnesota and having water resistance in your watch is a must.


Glycine Summer WatchIn general most wristwatches are marked with a stamp on the back to indicate in units of pressure (bar), atmospheres, or meters how well the watch is sealed against the intrusion of water based on laboratory pressure testing. Be aware that no watch is "waterproof", the International Organization for Standardization issued a standard and rating system for water resistant watches which also prohibits the term waterproof.  Keep in mind that watches marked "water resistant " but do not indicate a depth rating are only designed for everyday use and not designed to be submerged under water for long periods of time. A good dive watch for those water sports would need a rating of at least 10 bar or 100 meters with a screw down crown. If you are not sure how your watch will endure for all your summer sports we at TimeScapeUSA are happy to pressure test your piece and get the proper seal with a new gasket. 


The next thing to consider for your summer timepiece would be comfort. Keep in mind those hot, steamy nights out in the humidity can become uncomfortable. Even though a rubber strap is durable and can hold up to the test of time under water, it can be constricting, confining and can easily irritate a sweaty wrist. A great alternative can be a NATO strap made in canvas or nylon, which makes it incredibly breathable and comfortable. With the straps being woven, it maintains great in water and comes in an awry of great colors to brighten and add style to your wardrobe. You can always give your favorite timepiece an updated or more casual look by changing your strap. We at TimeScape have an abundance of NATO straps along with many other options and always offer free band sizing with the purchase of your choice of a watch strap. 

Watches with nato strap


And lastly, you probably also want to consider something durable and lightweight.  We all seem to be more active and are out enjoying the summer with a good game of golf, or on the beach playing a game of volleyball with a group of (if your lucky enough) bikini wearing ladies. We need something that will endure those bustling days of solstice, so consider the weight and size and also the material of your summer timepiece. There are a lot of other options for strength other than steel as Superman would agree. Take into consideration titanium or ceramic, it is lightweight and is scratch resistant and can be quite durable without the added bulk on your wrist. A ceramic or titanium watch will not corrode or cause allergic reactions. Thus you can expect a ceramic watch to never ever rust and as long as you protect it from impacts, it is almost indestructible.

chronofighter superlightAnother option that is fairly new in timepiece materials and evolving in technology is carbon fiber. Not only is it durable, light weight, scratch resistance but sleek and modern looking that is light, soft and comfortable to wear . Graham watchmakers has introduced a light weight version of the their popular Chronofighter made with a complex machining process combining carbon into a nano-tube speckled composite oversize case which weighs lighter than 100 grams.  

So enjoy your BBQ's, camping trips, outdoor concerts and festivals and be assured your options for style don't have to be compromised as there are many varieties of timepieces that function with style and comfort for those steamy summer nights as we all know they can be short and fleeting and soon enough the days will get shorter and the air will be brisk and crisp with the colors of fall at our feet. 

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