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April 08, 2016


Whiskey Watches and Watch Winders- Blog 1

Whiskey Watches & Winders Blog 1 - Intro Video Pic

We are so pleased to bring you our first blog of all things "Whiskey Watches and Watch Winders" which is near and dear to Craig's heart and topics that Mr. Zaligson thoroughly enjoys. If you have had the pleasure to visit us here at TimeScape and do business with Craig, he is always happy to share his honest opinion of all things watches and watch winders while sharing and enjoying a glass of fine single malt scotch with our patrons. This is how Craig has always done business.  The world of fine timepieces shouldn’t be stuffy or only for the few with disposable cash. Anyone who appreciates the intricacies, traditions history of horology and the meticulous nuances needed to produce fine timepieces and notable distilled spirits will relate and enjoy.

TimeScape has been in business since 1995 opening a one manned storefront in the suburbs of St. Louis Park, and then in 2003 relocating to the Minneapolis Hyatt Regency and having the famed Manny's Steak House as our neighbor. Craig originally started out in corporate America working with a national company in data compaction and storage to optical disk for the US Poison Control Center. That was when the IBM PC XT / 20 MB was the barnburner of the day. Craig came into the business of selling watches through his love and appreciation of mechanical timepieces and all things related to horology. Being well aware of the lack of dedicated watch stores in the Twin Cities, Craig found his niche and calling.  Hence TimeScape was born. With the help of his business partners, a famed local restaurateur, and a famous vodka distillery chairman, Craig expanded his business to benefit the true watch enthusiast that appreciated eclectic and diverse timepiece brands.


Most of the brands TimeScape featured were low production unique timepieces such as: Anonimo, Arnold & Son, Chronoswiss, Ernst Benz, Glycine, Graham-London, Giuliano Mazzuoli, Grand Seiko and Ulysse Nardin. Mainstream entry timepieces such as Hamilton, Longines and Movado were also added. Not only did he sell these high-end brands but wanted to offer care and maintenance of these fine timepieces becoming and authorized dealer to the top watch winder companies in the business which includes Buben & Zorweg, Scatola del Tempo, Orbita, Swiss Kubik, and Underwood of London. He then hired on an in house CSCM certified watchmaker to repair and service watches to become a full-fledged watch boutique. 


In the world of electronics, smart phones and now smart watches there is something to be said about the labor and love and art of a fine timepiece with the many complications and variety. A small complicated little machine that takes a steady trained and tested hand to create and bring to life with the only power source being the movement of the wrist or winding of the crown. Fine timepieces are given life so as to be appreciated for many years and then passed down to the next generation.  A fine timepiece is wearable art for the wrist.


We have showcased and hosted many events and continue to try and bring the world of fine timepieces to everyone. In 2013 we were pleased to sponsor the J24 US National Championship Races at the Wayzata Yacht Club at Lake Minnetonka and have hosted events with the British watchmakers of Bremont, featuring a British theme of English cheeses, port wine and stout ale. We have also featured events with Arnold & Son, hosted a private dinner with F.P Journe at the elegant Banks restaurant. We have been invited to and attended the Draw Party for the TCP 3M US Senior Championship Golf tour several times, and regularly feature our pilot's watches at the Flying Cloud Airport AirExpo Aviation Show. We have hosted several #REDBARMSP events, a get together for the local watch enthusiasts and attended First Thursday's Lavender Happy Hour Events. We also created our own Whiskey and Watches tasting event to coincide with our Watch Fair and yearly sale with a diverse tasting menu of unique whiskeys.  And lastly we have even been featured in the local Edina Magazine and sponsored and gifted the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal Executive of the Year recipient a Ulysse Nardin Dual Time wrist watch.We have showcased and hosted many events and continue to try and bring the world of fine timepieces to everyone. 


We are now located in the heart of the luxury shopping district of Edina Minnesota and have come into our own and look to continue to grow and evolve. Being in the watch business for 20 years we have seen much change and growth and want to share our knowledge and experience in watches and watch winders and make the experience fun and enjoyable to you out there who might just started discovering the world of wrist watches. I hope you will subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest blog videos and continue to follow us here. We always appreciate opinions and suggestions of what you want to see next.

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