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October 03, 2016


Introducing The Swiss Kubik Solaire: The Green Single Watch Winder

As time moves forward, technological advances in horology are setting new standards for premium timepiece maintenance. After all, investing in a work of precise engineering means more than just the initial cost. For true aficionados, procuring the best single watch winder for their the watches in their collection is a way to keep their timepieces moving effortlessly.


Why Watch Winders?

A watch winder is recommended for automatic timepieces you don’t intend on wearing on a regular basis. Since their inner mechanisms are based on the movement experienced through the machinations of your daily activities, an automatic watch that isn’t worn frequently may wind down. So, if you have a few watches in your collection, it could benefit you to invest in a watch winder in order to help them keep perfect time.


The Swiss Kubik Solaire

Introduced earlier this year, the Swiss Kubik Solaire is already among the best single watch winders on the market. As Swiss Kubik’s premier innovation in watch-winding technology, the Solaire utilizes solar energy or interior lighting that measures at least 600 lumens. With Swiss Kubik’s reputation in the premium watch industry, the Solaire is recommended for the precise mechanics of the finest automatic Swiss watches.

The Solaire’s sleek, contemporary design is expressed through a monochrome cube measuring 10 cm across its 6 sides. Weighing in at 26.5 ounces, it can fit discreetly within a drawer or safe, or can be displayed prominently on your desk or mantle.

With the ability to maintain 1900 rotations per day, the Swiss Kubik Solaire runs 950 of its daily rotations clockwise and 950 counterclockwise. Additionally, the Solaire is a fully-integrated 21st-century convenience with USB computer compatibility that allows for personalized and individual programming based on the number of rotations you’d prefer and how often you wear your automatic watch. Residing somewhere between essential and complementary, the Swiss Kubik Solaire is by far the best single watch winder available and is a must for collectors everywhere.


Eco-Friendly Watch Technology

With energy efficiency in mind, the Swiss Kubik Solaire is powered by two 1.2 volt rechargeable batteries. With a full charge, these batteries can last up to eight months without exposure to light. The life expectancy of the batteries is approximately ten years, after which the batteries should be replaced to guarantee proper and efficient use of the Swiss Kubik Solaire. If kept in an environment with low or partial light, the battery’s power reserve will vary in accordance with the intensity of the available light. Rechargeable batteries use 23 times less non-renewable resources than disposable batteries and the lack of battery disposal equates to 28 times less of an environmental impact on climate change.


Invest In The Future


You went to extreme lengths in selecting and purchasing your timepiece; don’t let the physical restriction of automatic movement hinder your enjoyment of it. While a Swiss watch is indicative of culture, status, and education, it also denotes a sense of pragmatism for professionals with busy schedules. Lives and careers don’t always afford the time to move in the frequency and manner conducive with winding your automatic watch. So,why not make the most of the time you have and capitalize on the beautiful design and Swiss precision of the best single watch winder on the market? Time is what you make it, and the Swiss Kubik Solaire helps you elegantly and effectively seize its opportunities.

Craig Zaligson
Craig Zaligson


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