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October 26, 2016


The Swiss Kubik Watch Winder

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SWISS KUBIK - SINGLE ALUMINIUM - LE | SK01.AE001 TETE DE MORTJust as you wouldn’t put substandard oil in a Lamborghini, you wouldn’t entrust your luxury timepiece  to an average watch winder, as high-quality timepieces are investments and require a premium watch winder. The right
luxury watch winder is a visually striking piece unto itself, that can showcase your style and aesthetics while maintaining and keeping your wrist watch at just the precise accurate time without the inconvenience of having to constantly wind your watch.  The Swiss Kubik watch winder  brand is a modern, fun collection with clean design aesthetics and cutting edge technology made in Geneva Switzerland the home of fine Swiss watchmaking. Beautifully designed and masterfully executed, these devices are essential and a perfect companion to show off and maintain your most beloved timepiece.


A Premium Watch Winder Swiss Kubik Brand

Swiss Kubik was founded in 2007 by Philippe Subilia, an innovator well-known in the Swiss horology community. As a pioneer of the first watch winder to be entirely designed in Geneva, the brand takes immense pride in Swiss production in the heart of the luxury timepiece industry. What sets Swiss Kubik watch winders apart is the attention to detail paid to each winder’s engineering. In addition to its heritage as a premier watch winding brand, Swiss Kubik is also highly regarded for its winders’ technological prowess and nearly-silent winding mechanism coupled with stylish, well-designed box cases.


The Masterbox the collection’s gold star standard, the Masterbox series, offers horology enthusiasts Swiss Kubik signature watch winding technology, allowing collectors to service their treasured pieces daily in a variety of high-quality cases and settings. Choose from cases made of yacht and wedge wood, luxurious granite, carbon and genuine calfskin leathers, along with metals of titanium and aluminum in an array of colors to pick from.  From single winders to multiples of up to 12 units, you can also choose to customize with different colors. Choose to add a removable window, which protects your investment, or for smaller watches, a ladies’ size watch support.  Our Masterbox series offers versatility and effortless function, with Swiss Kubik’s signature, flirty and funky designs. The Masterbox Series limited edition watch winders feature an eclectic range of graphics incorporating iconic 20th-century pop art, including Marilyn Monroe, Steve McQueen, and the Beatles. Swiss Kubik also pays homage to its own Swiss Heritage with their soup can and red leather Swiss flag watch winders, along with showcasing their dark humor with the “day of the dead” Swiss Kubik tete de mort and skull and crossbones watch winders, available in aluminum and leather, just in time for Halloween!  


A Watch Winder From TimeScape

To learn more about premium watches and Swiss Kubik watch winders, our featured items from Swiss Kubik, or help navigating the premier selection of watches and watch accessories online, contact TimeScape today. 

Craig Zaligson
Craig Zaligson


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