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December 28, 2016


Maurice Lacroix: Your Time Is Now

It’s no secret that Swiss watchmakers dominate the industry of fine and luxury timekeeping internationally. Consider Maurice Lacroix, although still considered fairly new to the Swiss watchmaking industry since 1975, Maurice Lacroix is fast becoming a highly respected and truly one-of-a-kind source for some of the best watches on earth. With stand-out designs, unique innovations and complications with time-honored techniques we’re excited to take a look at this exceptional brand and to highlight a few of our favorites.


Exceptional Craftsmanship

One of the features that most distinguishes Maurice Lacroix Swiss watches is their

extraordinary attention to detail. From inner workings to outer design, each watch reflects the playfulness and perfectionism of the brand. Based in Switzerland and headquartered in Zurich, the company prides itself on crafting each of its watches in-house, from ETA quartz and mechanical movements to their own complex  movements and advanced mechanical components. Embodying the dedication to perfection of the Swiss watchmaking tradition, Maurice Lacroix also pushes the industry forward with new and cutting-edge features, innovative detailing, and superior craftsmanship, both inside and out from the original “Masterpiece”Collection, to “Masterpiece Chronograph” and their “
Les Mecaniques” pieces.


Diverse Offerings

While quality craftsmanship is key to any luxury timepiece, Maurice Lacroix’ Swiss
also excel in their diverse watches that can suit every style, taste, and personal aesthetic. For high-end watch aficionados who also lead an active lifestyle, Maurice Lacroix offers an array of casual and sport watches that are second to none. As a stunning example, the Pontos S Extreme Watch (available with detailing in blue, red, orange, or two shades of green) captures a rugged sense of adventure and flagless dedication to luxury with elements of genuine calfskin leather, high-grade sapphire crystal, and a proprietary alloy of titanium, zirconium, aluminum, ceramic, and magnesium. Likewise, dress watches like the Eliros Date Watch exhibit the elegance and attention to detail for which the brand is so highly regarded.





With compelling selections of sport watches, transitional watches, and luxury dress
Maurice Lacroix’ Swiss watches are noted for their versatility and timeless style. Those who recognize the brand’s outstanding commitment to craftsmanship and fine design continue to be delighted by new developments—both in terms of manufacturing and design—that set Maurice Lacroix apart. Swiss watch connoisseurs
value the excellence and prestige of the brand while trusting its time-honored methods and cutting-edge knack for superior execution. Above all, this notable company has carved out a reputation for combining a truly artisan ethos with distinctive contemporary appeal.

Proven Excellence

Purchasing a Maurice Lacroix Watch

Our collection of Maurice Lacroix Swiss watches includes an array of selections from the
 Pontos, Fiaba, Eliros, and the Les Classiques Collection,for both men and women. In addition to enjoying the look and feel of any Maurice Lacroix watch, you’ll also experience the sense of confidence and prestige that define each offering from this extraordinary designer. Each purchase is accompanied by a 2-year warranty and complimentary free shipping and is backed by decades of expertise within the luxury watch industry.


We  invite you to peruse our collection and to reach us anytime at (877) 525-8880, or via email at, with questions regarding a particular timepiece or the Maurice Lacroix brand.


Craig Zaligson
Craig Zaligson


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