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December 21, 2016


Affordable Stocking Stuffers & Last-Minute Gift Ideas For The Watch Lover

Watch Lovers Gift Ideas

Are you shopping for a luxury watch collector this holiday season? If late December is fast approaching and you’re still looking for gift ideas, let us help you today. We’ve put together a list of last-minute gift ideas and affordable stocking stuffer alternatives that any horology connoisseur will appreciate.

Battery Operated Watch Winders

For the automatic timepiece lover in your life, a battery operated watch winder is a great
gift. A watch winder allows convenient storage for automatic watches while keeping them powered. With the correct settings, these types of cases allow for watches to be ready at a moment’s notice. Keep in mind that different models can run on batteries, through a wall charger, and even solar power, so you can shop appropriately based on your watch lover’s needs.


Buben & Zorweg Vantage 8

TimeScape is an authorized retailer of several of the top battery operated watch winder brands, so we have faith that we can help you find a last-minute gift that any collector will love.  

The Buben & Zorweg Vantage Collection  is bound to be a hit, with solid wood construction and lacquered finished details of macassar woods or carbon fiber accents. The velour interior, and crystal glass window elegantly displays and showcases your timepieces while winding. The Vantage comes in 2,4,8 or 12 unit cabinets. Choose the matching Vantage Watch Case for additional storage for something extra special this holiday season for your watch connoisseur.  Whatever you choose the Vantage Collection is most appropriate for the man in your life with refined  tastes and looks great in any study or closet.


Affordable Stocking Stuffer Version

Do you like the idea of a premium battery operated watch winder but want to save money? A single-unit winder offers the functionality and thought of the classic tabletop watch winder case shown above but at a lower price. The Orbita Sparta Collection is a single unit watch winder that comes in bright, modern, and compact colors and sizes. . With its open face design, it can be used with nearly any watch no matter its size or thickness. This means your gift recipient will certainly have a use for it. Plus, the Orbita Sparta is very multi-functional; it can be used as a display on its own or try the mini version for travel or use it as part of a watch safe setup as this conveniently runs on batteries.


Timepieces From The Best Swiss Watch Brands

Swiss watches are widely regarded as the best timepieces in the world. The supreme craftsmanship, elegant designs, and innovative features add to the lasting appeal of these long-lasting, timeless designs. Giving a gift from the best watchmakers and designers in the world can complement a growing collection or inspire a loved one to learn more about the elegant side of luxury timepieces.

Maurice Lacroix is a newcomer to the fine timepiece market with just 40 years of
Eliros Dateinnovation but fast becoming one of the
best Swiss watch companies on the market. The Eliros Date Collection is a classic and pristine piece made for both men and woman in variations of dials. The traditional style will be a show stopper and command authority and sophistication in any business meeting. The Maurice Lacroix Eliros Date comes in a variety of colored dials and case finishes with bracelet and calf-skin straps. The El1087-PVP01-410-1 is a 38mm case with quartz movement.  Its regal blue dial with rose gold colored case with indexes and roman numeral markers beautifully complement the bluecalf skin leather strap, offering top-of-the-line Swiss elegance. TimeScape is proud to be one of few  authorized dealers in the upper Midwest that carries the full line of Maurice Lacroix.



Last Minute Gift Ideas

Lady Liberty Coin WatchYou’ll be pleased to know that TimeScape maintains a selection of certified pre-owned luxury watches. Reliably and meticulously maintained, these pieces from the best Swiss watch companies and other brands can be a way of achieving significant savings while gifting a unique, sometimes no longer sold timepiece. The 1998 Lady Liberty coin watch seen here is a special find for watch lovers and  collectors alike. It’s a stunning example of why it’s sometimes better to shop pre-owned as you will  never know what fabulous items you will find and encounter from quartz pieces to discontinued and limited edition products. We here at TimeScape consign, buy, sell and trade most pre-owned timepieces so feel free to hop our pre-owned selection for great stocking stuffers today just in time for the holidays.

Speedometer Official CufflinksAnother great affordable gift idea which will fit perfect in his stocking is a pair of Speedometer Official stainless steel cufflinks. Made in Italy Speedometer Official takes its inspiration from a diver watch bezel with calibrated markings in many color combination and finishes including gold and platinum finishes including genuine diamond versions. Mix and match and add the matching bangle bracelet which will work in perfect unison with a gentleman's timepieceIt’s not a huge gamble to suggest that a luxury watch connoisseur might enjoy traveling, whether for business or for pleasure. While storage solutions for travel may be overlooked, the collector in your life will definitely appreciate these versatile, high-quality cases.



Watch Storage for Travelers

It’s not a huge gamble to suggest that a luxury watch connoisseur might enjoy traveling, whether for business or for pleasure. While storage solutions for travel may be 
overlooked, the collector in your life will definitely appreciate these versatile, high-quality cases.


Underwood London Watch Holder RollThe Underwood watch holder is a London-designed traditional leather travel storage container. The smooth leather case can fit up to five large timepieces while protecting them with a microfiber lined interior. It’s perfect for the indecisive traveler who wants options. Plus, the collection comes in several gorgeous colored handmade leathers in smooth, crocodile grained and carbon fiber covering with several sizes which are great for travel during this hectic holiday season. The watch roll holder can also hold bracelets and other clasp jewelry or remove it to store larger size items to your liking.  


Buben & Zorweg Watch CaseA single watch traveler is an affordable version of a larger, multi-watch case. As such,
Traveller Collection Case from Buben & Zorweg is an elegant, understated, and protective addition to any watch connoisseur’s collection. It features a hard calf-skin leather exterior and a secure opening mechanism for safe traveling. For secure traveling, the interior offers a snug-fit cushion and soft black velour to protect against scratches and scrapes. The Collection cases by Buben & Zorweg come in a variety of sizes, colors and finishes and are also incredibly versatile and can be used with many different types of watches, ensuring that your gift gets plenty of use throughout its very long lifetime.                                           

What Else?

If you’re still looking for great gift ideas for a luxury watch collector, or if you have any questions about the items we’ve listed here, feel free to contact us online or reach us by phone at (952) 525-8880. We here at TimeScape always offer free shipping within the United States and can usually have the product to you within a few days.

Tell us for whom you’re shopping and we’ll help you explore your options. Whether you’re intrigued by the idea of a battery operated watch winder, a premium timepiece, an accessory, or more, we have the expertise and world-class customer service to help you this holiday season.
























Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh


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