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November 21, 2016


Seiko: The Perfect Holiday Gift

 As we’re gearing up for holiday season at TimeScape, we’re often asked for perfect gift recommendations. One brand that we find ourselves mentioning time and time again is Seiko, a company dedicated to perfection, and often recognized by others in the industry as an overlooked treasure.

An elegant watch can be a complement to another gift or the piece de resistance of your holiday gift giving. Finding the right watch for your loved one shows thought and skill, which is why we offer an impressive selection of Seiko timepieces.

At TimeScape, we understand that a Seiko timepiece is reliable and high-quality, while remaining an incredible value. Moreso, Seiko watches are truly perfect holiday gifts for both gift givers and recipients.


Seiko is a Thoughtful Gift

Seiko timepiece is a great gift for watch connoisseurs, as they can recognize the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Each watch is produced completely in-house, allowing Seiko to have excellent control over every step of its construction, creating everything in the production process—down to movements and screws. This means that Seiko watches are incredibly precise and accurate, something a timepiece enthusiast can appreciate and enjoy learning more about.

Seiko has also done a great job of developing a wide range of timepieces, which allows you to find one to fill any missing spot in your loved ones’ collection. From water-resistant divers and canvas-strapped weekend watches, to retro redesigns and elegant solar powered pieces, Seiko has something for everyone.

Consider the Seiko Automatic Diver SKX175, pictured to the left, a high-performance watch that exceeds expectations for those looking for something that merges rugged, sporty appeal with elegant luxury. Its bracelet is made from brushed and polished stainless steel and features incredible magnetic and water resistance (up to 200m). As far as elegance, this Seiko watch provides a subtly modern, sporty design with 21 jewels, and a scratch-resistant Hardlex crystal. It’s just one piece that makes it obvious why Seiko is the Japanese word for exquisite.

Seiko timepieces are also well-regarded among watch connoisseurs for the company’s long reputation for high standards. Founded in 1881, the Seiko brand began creating wrist watches in 1924 out of its headquarters in Tokyo. As such, the company helped cement the Japanese timepiece industry as one known for its well-developed and precise models. Here are just a few of Seiko’s exciting accomplishments:

  • Creating the first quartz wristwatch and the chronograph quartz;
  • Innovating green technologies like the first kinetic timepiece that’s powered by the wearer’s movement, and the world’s first GPS solar watch;
  • Remaining on the cutting edge of technology by innovating the world's first TV watch and watches with sound-recording and computer functions;
  • Pushing boundaries by designing the first watch crafted specifically for a space walk
  • Accumulating industry accolades such as the 2015-2016 World Branding Forum Brand of the Year Award (Watch Category) and the 2014 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève award for the Petite Aiguille category (for watches under 8000 Swiss francs).

    It’s Better to Give...

    The perfect gift is just as ideal for the giver as the recipient, and Seiko timepieces fulfill this quite adequately. For starters, watch connoisseurs recognize the value—bargain
    even—of a
    Seiko timepiece. These pieces are widely known to be comparable to watches of various price points. From classic, entry-level timepieces to the most luxurious precision watches, Seiko’s products can fit any collector’s budget. It’s this versatility that also makes Seiko watches such great gifts. Many of them double as relaxed weekend pieces that can be taken out to rugged outdoor adventures. Others maintain both elegance and a sporty style, making them appropriate for professional and formal occasions, depending on one’s style and preference.  

    Even the most luxurious Seiko watches provide something extra for the recipient. Many of Seiko’s premium offerings come standard with innovative features like scratch-resistant faces and solar-powered automation. If you’re buying for someone who loves well-designed timepieces, then you’ll be happy to know that Seiko offers manual winding and hacking watches. For others, or for the eco-conscious, technology lover in your life, there are a broad range of automatic Seiko timepieces available.

    Seiko watches are so precise and well-designed that it’s easy to see how they can instill a passion and inspire a new hobby for high-quality timepieces. Watch connoisseurs, alternatively, love Seiko watches as a way to add diversity and versatility to their collections.

    Furthermore, you can be content gifting a Seiko watch knowing that it is a durable, high-quality piece. Seiko’s reputation far surpasses many of its Japanese peers and is very often compared favorably to Swiss watchmakers. While many quartz watches will last decades with simple attention, a servicing every three years will ensure that your Seiko watch stays accurate and precise for years to come.


    Shop With TimeScape This Holiday Season

    At TimeScape, we aim to cultivate an unforgettable collection of luxurious, stylish timepieces, that honor the incredible traditions and time-tested watchmaking designs. Seiko is a true gem in our selection of exclusive brands. The brand crafts very intricate, connected watches that excite timepiece aficionados. Value, reliability, and quality are three huge reasons why a Seiko timepiece makes a perfect holiday gift.

    TimeScape is an an authorized Seiko dealer. This means that Seiko trusts us to honorably represent them and, in return, our customers are entitled to warranties and exclusive offerings. If you have further questions about the Seiko brand or anything else having to do with our timepieces, watch winders, storage cases, or accessories, please contact us at 1 (877) 525-8880 or email us at

    Our knowledgeable, world-class customer service is a driving factor in TimeScape’s continuing success as an online timepiece boutique. If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift this year, browse our premium collection of Seiko watches today.

    Craig Zaligson
    Craig Zaligson


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