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December 12, 2016


The Best Gifts For Luxury Watch Connoisseurs

Luxury Watch Safe

We know how difficult it can be to shop for the luxury watch collector in your life.This is why we want to help you explore gift options for your luxury watch connoisseur. From a luxury watch safe to complementary timepiece accessories, here are four best gift ideas from TimeScape.


Gifts for Showing Off

Underwood watch winderA good place to start for a gift is a stylish display case for the timepiece aficionado to display their favorite watches. If watch collecting is a true passion, then a case is a perfect way for them to showcase their hobby with pride. Upgrade to a watch winder if they have a large collection of automatic watches so that they can pull the watch out at any time, knowing it’s calibrated to the correct time and date.

Watch winders and display cases come in so many designs that there’s bound to be one that matches the decor and sensibilities of the recipient. Take the UN7824 by Underwood  (London), a three unit watch winder with jewelry case in a lux macassar high gloss lacquered wood finish. The classic design incorporates three removable rotobox watch winders with a protective lockable glass door. The hinged flip top lid houses individual various sized compartments to hold jewelry and watches. The UN7824 is the perfect piece of furniture to hold your jewelery and wind your watches that is suitably fit for a stately den or office.


The Safe Bet

If your timepiece connoisseur needs a secure storage solution for his collection of
watches, then a
luxury watch safe is a great, functional gift. Floor safes and models that can be installed flush with the wall are available, along with do-it-yourself modules.Depending on the space available, we can customize the exact size and specification of your watch safe along with exterior  finishes and colors. Whatever your preferences, we maintain a selection of some of the most cutting-edge safes with high-tech security and display functions available, including sleek LCD display control programs and modern LED light illumination.

Additionally, most of our watch safes can incorporate interior components such as specialized jewelry drawers and multiple watch winders, giving you more protective storage that also provides superior watch maintenance. Your luxury watch connoisseur can pull a favorite timepiece out of the safe whenever they want, knowing it’s as precise and tuned as when they placed it in the safe.


When in Doubt

It might be strange to suggest, but it’s too often overlooked as a gift idea; consider getting the luxury watch connoisseur a premium strap or bracelet. A watch strap for a timepiece they already own is a fun, thoughtful way to give them a new way to explore a piece they already love. A new watch band or strap can make a timepiece more casual or more elegant, giving the connoisseur more options for how to wear their watch. Straps today come in all kinds of exotic leathers and colors from teju lizard, ostrich, alligator to silicone, canvas, to NATO style, with a variety of textures, finishes, and stitching.  

Here at TimeScape we can assist you in selecting just the right watch strap to fit your timepiece, and offer complimentary fitting with your purchased band. Perhaps all you need is just a cleaning to restore your timepiece to its full prestine condition. We also offer ultrasonic cleaning of your case and bracelet with a fresh 1- year battery guarantee for our high-grade battery services. At TimeScape we have full
watch repair services for all your timepiece needs.  For any gift idea you have in mind, we’re always on-hand to discuss our collection of premium timepieces, luxury watch safes, winders, watch boxes and accessories.. We pride ourselves on providing world-class service, whether you’re purchasing from our online store or in-person. If you’d like to learn more about great gift ideas for the luxury watch collector in your life, contact us online or reach us by phone at 1 (877) 525-8880 today


Craig Zaligson
Craig Zaligson


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