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February 15, 2017


Timeless Watch Styles to Invest In

Glycine Airman No 1 with black dial black band and vintage pic of pilot


Many things come and go, but a timeless, investment-worthy watch can last forever. Whether you prefer rugged and sporty dive pieces, classic and traditional  designs or more glamorous,trendy, complicated pieces, a classic Swiss-made watch can be well worth the investment. To find the ideal style, it’s essential to choose a model that transcends current jewelry trends and that deeply appeals to your personal sense of taste. To help point you in the right direction, here’s a brief guide to some of the major styles of truly timeless watches that are worth investing in.


Pilot Watches


Glycine Airman No 1 Pilot's watch with black dial and black Nato Strap

What they are: Pilot watches were originally designed for aviators in the early 20th century, but they hit their stride during World War II. Multiple time zones, large dials, rotating bezels and chronograph functionality are classic elements of this watch style. The pilot's watch was primarily designed for pilots to calculate air speed, fuel consumption and general help with navigation. During wartime pilots watches were given by armies to their infantry to help coordinate combat attacks and timing bomb drops.


Why we love them: Defined by a kind of rough and ready glamour and nostalgic quality, pilot watches are known for their comfortable and aesthetically pleasing design. Additionally, the face lays flat against the wrist to be easily read, making this type of watch especially functional and wearable.


Why invest: Many classic Swiss-made watches such as the Airman Collection by Glycine are extraordinarily well designed. The appearance and style of pilot's watches have already proven to be timeless with certain models that carry an authentic historical element that continue to be re-produced for their popularity making them truly special.



Swiss-Made Watches


Maurice Lacroix Pontos Chronograph with blue dial stainless steel case and black leather strap

What they are: Though Swiss watches can vary significantly in design, all authentic Swiss-made watches are required to include movements assembled exclusively within Switzerland, where each watch’s mandatory final inspection must also be conducted and meet strict standards of quality.


Why we love them: Classic Swiss-made watches are famous for a reason: their extraordinary precision and craftsmanship. This precision makes these timepieces aesthetic marvels, and reliable timekeeping instruments that are truly designed to last. The Pontos Collection from Maurice Lacroix is a prime example of Swiss made horological excellence.


Why invest: Swiss-made watches hold an undeniable degree of cachet among serious watch collectors, partly because of the historical clout of the region, but primarily because of the exceptional standards and enduring quality of the watches themselves.


Vintage Luxury Watches

Breitling Navitimer Olympus A19340 Watch

What they are: Proven classics, vintage luxury watches are timepieces that have, to a certain degree, already held up over time. These pieces are often considered collection-worthy because of their rarity or historical significance.


What we love: Vintage luxury watch collecting can be a bit like a treasure hunt: it’s very personal, requires a bit of research, and can be extremely rewarding if done correctly.


Why invest: With the right documentation and homework, a high end vintage watch can be a very safe investment. Another advantage is years of existing market research to support your purchase, as well as the likelihood of increased rarity over time.


Investing Wisely

It has often been said by serious art collectors that one should first and foremost invest in artwork that one loves. We believe that watch collecting is exactly the same. While a smart investment can certainly pay off over time, the safest bet is always with a beautiful item that you truly want to own. By capitalizing on your own personal tastes and instincts, you’ll have a worthy investment regardless of what happens in the market.

Craig Zaligson
Craig Zaligson


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