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Swiss Kubik - Masterbox Shell - Single Specialty Art
Swiss Kubik - Masterbox Shell - Single Specialty Art $ 760.00 $ 950.00
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The Swiss Kubik Masterbox Collection is a perfect symetrical cubical watch winding system, to keep your favorite timepiece wound and set. Made in Switzerland, the SK01.AE001 is a virtually silent module that is battery operated and fully programmable to coincide with your brand specific wrist watch. This modern and contemporary single-unit winder is housed in an anodized aluminium frame. Adjustable watch supports with special security clips accommodates any size watch and keeps your timepiece in place. Powered by "C" cell batteries, an on/off pause mode indicator light will give you a flashing low battery warning. Download your exact winding specifications from a computer or smart phone with the provided USB cable. Add the removable acrylic window covers for additional protection to keep your winding system dust free.

The MasterBox is available in several sizes and configurations according to your specification. Choose from a variety of materials, colors and finishes from 13 anodized aluminum colors, various woods, granite, carbon and leather designs. Trusted and reliable, the Swiss Kubik MasterBox Collection offers modern and contemporary options and choices for your watch winding needs. 

As an AUTHORIZED DEALER, we are proud to offer a full 3 year factory warranty.