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July 12, 2017


Chronovision Watch Winders - Christmas in July


We at TimeScape are proud to offer Chronovison’s new watch winders. This paragon of German engineering recently released a selection of multi-unit winders and safes for the horology connoisseur looking for a smart solution to watch winding and storage. As a celebration of the release, we’re bringing you a special Christmas in July sale. Read on to learn more about this spectacular collection.

Luxury Multi-Unit Watch Winder

Chronovision is already a notable watch winder provider, thanks to their celebrated Chronovision One watch winder collection. These single units are known as the beautiful and modern way to wind and display your timepieces, and their newest multi-unit offerings are no exception.


The Prestige is an eight-unit module that can be displayed on either a counter-top with a pedestal or on the wall. The winder cabinet has LED lighting to prominently display your timepieces spectacularly. Each watch winding unit is independently programmable through the Chronovision smartphone app and includes a power adapter. The winding unit is available in chrome with black lacquer and carbon fiber accents and has a black velour interior.


This Chronovision watch winder in the Ambiance Collection is a multi-unit winding table-top system that is aptly named, as its special lighting feature bring a luxe ambience to any room. Contains two sets of lighting that highlights your wristwatches within and dimmable ambient lighting that accentuates the exterior. The Chronovision app makes it easy to control this feature, along with programming the winding repetitions and rotations of your watch winders.  so you have control over the type of atmosphere this stellar display creates. The Ambience multi-unit watch winder  is able to store and wind from three to fifteen watches viewable behind smoked glass double doors. Choose from carbon fiber, brushed aluminum and high-gloss or silk finishes and showcase and put your timepiece collection on display while accentuating any living space.


The Empire truly is a technological marvel, and makes a statement in any room. The customizable body has sensors that allow you to easily open and close the multi-unit watch winder, which operates with hydraulic action to hide your timepieces. This piece safely stores your timepieces in plain sight, and is striking enough to be the focal point of your room while not drawing attention to the treasures inside. Available with 16 watch winders and a hidden valet compartment to store additional watches and jewelry.


This is the true collector’s choice. The Momentum Chronovision watch winder and storage solution is a monument dedicated to your timepiece collection, with storage and winding capability from 16 and 32 timepieces to the Grand Momentum unit, which stores and winds an impressive 64 watches. The state-of-the-art piece uses a fingerprint scanner to open the glass doors, providing the utmost safety for your precious timepieces. The drawers have completely customizable inlays. When the display light is turned off, the glass doors become a mirror, hiding your watches from view.


Just like the new Chronovision watch winders, the newly designed safes are completely customizable—you can choose both the interior and exterior finishes, increase the amount of watch storage, and customize the drawer components. These innovative safes have a fingerprint scanner for maximum security, and are the opulent and painstakingly engineered way to safely store your most precious items.

Innovation Celebration

TimeScape is the place to go for the latest in horology innovations. We are partnered with many of the top watchmaking and watch winder brands, allowing us to stay on top of what’s up-and-coming in the industry. To celebrate the release of Chronovision’s new watch winders, TimeScape is having a Christmas in July sale on our Chronovision products. If you want the special discount, you’ll need to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage.

Let us be your connection to the best these top brands to offer. We’re your go-to destination for luxury watches, watch winders, watch repair, and accessories. Shop with TimeScape today!


Craig Zaligson
Craig Zaligson


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