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March 16, 2020


What's new in watch winders from Swiss Kubik.

As of last September 2019 all Swiss Kubik Watch Winders “MasterBox” models come Bluetooth enabled as a standard feature. This will allow you to change settings from anywhere on the globe that cell service exists. No more wondering “Did I set my new Patek 5270”?

Swiss Kubik Watch Winders “MasterBox “ models are available in 12 colors of Anodized Aluminum, 6 types of exotic wood including Gray Ash Wood, Dark Yacht Veneer and Matt Zebra Wood, 4 colors of smooth Grain leather, 6 colors of diamond Quilt patterned leather and 6 black perforated leather with 6 colors of contrast stitched racing trim. Multiple unit Swiss Kubik Watch Winders are available in the following styles: Duo, Trio, Quattro, Six, Eight and Twelve Position. All Swiss Kubik Watch Winders “MasterBox “ can be ordered as a Single row with Vertical or Horizontal orientation. Other variants are stacked: 2 x 2, 2 x 3 / 3 x 2, 2 x 4 / 4 x 2, 2 x 6 / 6 x 2. Swiss Kubik Watch Winders “MasterBox“ models will accommodate the winding of both Gents and Ladies watches with the use of small and standard size watch holder cradles. Swiss Kubik Watch Winders can be paired with either the small or standard size cradle at time of order or through purchase from TimeScape USA at a later date.

As an added feature Acrylic Glass Window Protects are available at time of order or purchase at a later date from TimeScape USA. Window Protects are user installable and can be mounted so as to swing open from the left or right and top or bottom.

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October 18, 2017


Eterna Watches: A Time-Honored Luxury Brand


TimeScape is proud to feature the luxury Swiss  brand of Eterna, with a 150 year illustrious history in watchmaking that proves its innovation and prowess in horology. From the Eterna-matic worn by iconic movie stars of the golden years to the infamous Eterna KonTiki Collection , inspired by a scientist heroic journey across the Pacific Ocean, Eterna’s influence and innovation to the world of watchmaking has no doubt made its mark.


The Beginning of the Eterna Watch storied history of the Eterna watch begins in 1856, when Dr. Joseph Girard a physician and his partner Urs Schild, a school teacher founded the ébauche factory “Dr. Girard & Schild”.  Ébauche, meaning, quick sketch or underpainting in oils and the appropriated term in horology refers to unassembled watch movement (or generic movement) to be then manufactured for use in other Swiss watch brands.. Since the beginning, the Eterna watch movement was in the forefront and continues to perfect and revolutionized their own calibers and Sellita movements.


In 1886 Dr. Girard retired & Schild then went on to produced his own designs of ladies wrist watches refurbished from pocket watches under the name Präzisionsuhren-Fabrik Gebrüder Schild (Precision Watches Factory Schild Brothers) or Schild Fréres & Co. with his brother.

Schild Fréres & Co. began producing fully assembled and manufactured watches including the case and dial with great success in 1876. When the “Eterna” collection was released in 1890 and labeled on the dial, the company was employing 300 workers and producing 180 timepieces a day. The collection was so popular that the Eterna label was adopted as the corporate brand name in 1906: "Eterna-Werke, Gebrüder Schild & Co."


Eterna Innovations through history

1948 was a fundamental year in the history of Eterna watches, and the entire watchmaking industry: it was the year the Eterna-matic watch movement was released. Other automatic watch designs were subject to wear and tear, which affected their accuracy and reliability. But that was no longer a problem with Eterna’s ball-bearing mounted rotor. The rotor was mounted on five miniature ball bearings, which provided support, balance, and significantly reduced friction. With this invention, the Eterna-matic watch ran smoothly and reliably, even under extreme conditions.


The Eterna-matic was a huge hit, and the five tiny ball bearings—which brought worldwide success to the brand—were chosen as the new logo. Eterna of course kept expanding on the movement, first miniaturizing it for ladies’ watches, and then slimming it down. This resulted in the smallest automatic winding calibre in the world, which powered the Eterna-matic Golden Heart for Ladies. This timepiece received the endorsement of stars such as Gina Lollobrigida and Brigitte Bardot, contributing to this model’s success. The Golden Heart collection is still in production today with pieces such as the Golden Heart LE, modernized with state-of-the-art technology to pay homage to its heritage.


The Eterna-matic movement is still in use today, further proving the importance of the history of Eterna watches, as well as their innovative prowess. TimeScape proudly offers Eterna timepieces from the Eternity collection, which draws inspiration from the iconic pieces from this period. The Eternity Artena, Eternity For Her, and Eternity for Him collections capture the classic elegance of Eterna watches.


The Kontiki Dive Watch

The Eterna KonTiki Collection commemorates the ground-breaking expedition that Thor Heyerdahl, an archaeologist and ethnologist, took in 1947 to prove the theory that South Americans migrated from the east and not the west to populate Polynesia. The journey was documented in a documentary movie and won an academy award in 1951 along with a published book of the trip in 1948 translated into 70 languages


Heyerdahl and five other scientists struck out to prove that pre-Columbian natives of South America could reach Polynesia on a primitive raft with help from just the Humboldt current and the eastern winds. After 101 days, the explorers reached the Raroia atoll in Polynesia on a simple Balsa-wood raft named after the Incan sun god Kon-Tiki, with Eterna watches on their wrists that withstood the torrential adventure. To celebrate this achievement, Eterna designed a collection of rugged and sturdy pieces to commemorate this iconic trip for explorers everywhere.


This Kontiki diver wrist watch has enjoyed success ever since its release and is one of the most popular Collection offered. The Eterna KonTiki watch comes in a variety of styles from the classic automatic Kontiki with pyramid shaped appendices to the Super Kontiki diver with unidirectional bezel. The Super Kontiki Chronograph Manufacture has a see-through exhibition case back to display the movement and the luxurious Royal Kontiki is accented with decorative screws within the bezel. TimeScape, also carries the  KonTiki 4 Hands Eterna-Matic, which has many of the same aspects as the original release, making it ideal for the explorer who has an appreciation for history.


Eterna’s Continued Success

Eterna’s limited Edition Bronze Kontiki was just released at Baselworld 2017 and features a 44mm bronze case and ceramic bezel limited to just 300 pieces. Shop the entire Collection and see the other wonders that the world of the Swiss-made Eterna brand watches manufacturers. TimeScape is proud to be a brick and mortar store that showcases this fine line in our retail store as well as on-line. Shop the Collection now, we guarantee all our wrist watches are authentic with a 2 year warranty on the Eterna Collection.

July 12, 2017


Chronovision Watch Winders - Christmas in July


We at TimeScape are proud to offer Chronovison’s new watch winders. This paragon of German engineering recently released a selection of multi-unit winders and safes for the horology connoisseur looking for a smart solution to watch winding and storage. As a celebration of the release, we’re bringing you a special Christmas in July sale. Read on to learn more about this spectacular collection.

Luxury Multi-Unit Watch Winder

Chronovision is already a notable watch winder provider, thanks to their celebrated Chronovision One watch winder collection. These single units are known as the beautiful and modern way to wind and display your timepieces, and their newest multi-unit offerings are no exception.


The Prestige is an eight-unit module that can be displayed on either a counter-top with a pedestal or on the wall. The winder cabinet has LED lighting to prominently display your timepieces spectacularly. Each watch winding unit is independently programmable through the Chronovision smartphone app and includes a power adapter. The winding unit is available in chrome with black lacquer and carbon fiber accents and has a black velour interior.


This Chronovision watch winder in the Ambiance Collection is a multi-unit winding table-top system that is aptly named, as its special lighting feature bring a luxe ambience to any room. Contains two sets of lighting that highlights your wristwatches within and dimmable ambient lighting that accentuates the exterior. The Chronovision app makes it easy to control this feature, along with programming the winding repetitions and rotations of your watch winders.  so you have control over the type of atmosphere this stellar display creates. The Ambience multi-unit watch winder  is able to store and wind from three to fifteen watches viewable behind smoked glass double doors. Choose from carbon fiber, brushed aluminum and high-gloss or silk finishes and showcase and put your timepiece collection on display while accentuating any living space.


The Empire truly is a technological marvel, and makes a statement in any room. The customizable body has sensors that allow you to easily open and close the multi-unit watch winder, which operates with hydraulic action to hide your timepieces. This piece safely stores your timepieces in plain sight, and is striking enough to be the focal point of your room while not drawing attention to the treasures inside. Available with 16 watch winders and a hidden valet compartment to store additional watches and jewelry.


This is the true collector’s choice. The Momentum Chronovision watch winder and storage solution is a monument dedicated to your timepiece collection, with storage and winding capability from 16 and 32 timepieces to the Grand Momentum unit, which stores and winds an impressive 64 watches. The state-of-the-art piece uses a fingerprint scanner to open the glass doors, providing the utmost safety for your precious timepieces. The drawers have completely customizable inlays. When the display light is turned off, the glass doors become a mirror, hiding your watches from view.


Just like the new Chronovision watch winders, the newly designed safes are completely customizable—you can choose both the interior and exterior finishes, increase the amount of watch storage, and customize the drawer components. These innovative safes have a fingerprint scanner for maximum security, and are the opulent and painstakingly engineered way to safely store your most precious items.

Innovation Celebration

TimeScape is the place to go for the latest in horology innovations. We are partnered with many of the top watchmaking and watch winder brands, allowing us to stay on top of what’s up-and-coming in the industry. To celebrate the release of Chronovision’s new watch winders, TimeScape is having a Christmas in July sale on our Chronovision products. If you want the special discount, you’ll need to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage.

Let us be your connection to the best these top brands to offer. We’re your go-to destination for luxury watches, watch winders, watch repair, and accessories. Shop with TimeScape today!


May 25, 2017


The Best Men's Luxury Watches for Father’s Day

Seiko watch dials blk stainless steel case, white yellow case Fathers day Hwy road sign

It’s almost Father’s Day, that time of year when you give your dad a present to show your appreciation. If you’re looking for a thoughtful and luxurious gift for your dad, TimeScape is the place for you. Why not give the gift that keeps giving with a timepiece? We have a large collection of the best men's luxury watches, watch winders, and watch storage boxes on the market today. Show your dad how much he means to you with a luxury timepiece from the time-honored brands of Seiko, Eterna, and Glycine. If he already has a selection of watches, a watch winder is an excellent choice. He will appreciate the winder’s ability to maintain and keep his watch secure and in optimal timing condition. For the father who travels abroad, a wood watch storage box or leather travel case is another suitable choice. Whether he is a watch collector, novice, or horology enthusiast, show him how much he means to you with a luxury timepiece or watch winder.


A Timepiece For Every Father

TimeScape proudly carries a wide assortment of the best men's luxury watches from dressy, casual, sport, and transitional pieces from the premier brands of Seiko, Glycine, and Eterna. With an emphasis on mechanical precision and superior craftsmanship, we specialize in a wide range of styles from pilots watches, chronographs, moon phase, and diver watches. We are authorized dealers of these fine timepieces, and we always guarantee each piece is authentic and fully warranted.



The Sophisticated Adventurer



ETERNA - KONTIKI 4 HANDS ETERNA-MATIC | 1592-41-41-0217For a timepiece that blends bold, expressive design with functionalism, we recommend the Eterna Kontiki Automatic four-hands Eterna-matic watch. An ideal gift for Father’s Day, it features an elegant and reasonably sized 42mm satin black dial offset by silver apertures. The watch face has green triangles with Arabic numeral markers for easy reading. This intriguing timepiece also has a textured inner date disc and is fitted with a three-link stainless steel bracelet for a flexible, transitional style. With a screw down crown and 120-meter water resistance, you won't have to worry about water damage—this can go anywhere from the office straight to a weekend adventure.


A Classic Simplicity


SEIKO - AUTOMATIC | SRP704If your father prefers something a bit more conservative and traditional, we recommend the Seiko automatic SRP704 timepiece from the Core Collection. This piece takes inspiration from traditional watchmaking designs with classic no-nonsense style. The watch is fitted with Seiko’s own powerhouse caliber movement, which is viewable behind the exhibition case back. The sleek two-tone polished and brushed stainless steel case features a wave-patterned radial white dial with gold tone indexes and date window. Seiko’s Core Collection is a trusted and assured brand that will last the test of time. This is a timepiece that commands a sense of authority and sophistication. Shop the whole collection for the perfect gift for Father's Day.


Casual Utilitarian Style


For a man who likes practicality, the AIRMAN SST12 GL0075 from the Swiss brand Glycine is a perfect example of a utilitarian wrist watch paired with classic vintage style. Displaying multiple time-zones on the dial and a rotating 24-hour bidirectional rotating inner disc bezel, this piece is a true pilot's watch. The brushed stainless steel cushion shaped case is reminiscent of classic, vintage styles. The AIRMAN SST12 not only pays homage to the Boeing Super Sonic Transport in its name but it also boasts an engraved image of the plane on the case back. With a screwed-down crown with 200-meter water resistance, a GMT hand and date window, complete with a classic leather strap, the AIRMAN SST12 is the best option for your Father’s Day gift



Authorized Dealer of Luxury Watch Winders 

To complement the best men’s luxury watch, get a watch winder for your father this Father's Day. Not only does it make for a thoughtful gift, but it’s also useful. A watch winder is a luxury item to help maintain the longevity of any mechanical wrist watch by keeping the oils from coagulating. Not only that, but a watch winder also provides the convenience of always having precise timing. At TimeScape, we have an impressive selection of the best luxury watch winders in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and finishes to complement anyone’s tastes. We are authorized dealers for esteemed brands such as Buben & Zōrweg, Chronovision, Scatola del Tempo, Underwood (London), Swiss Kubik, Rapport, RDI, and Orbita. Shop from single winders to multi-unit winders with storage, watch boxes, and men's jewelry storage options.


Elegant and Natural Wood Finishes

We have a large selection of watch winders in a wide variation of materials, from luxurious woods of Macassar, teak, and burl woods to more exotic colored woods. Try the Swiss Kubik single watch winder in Grey Ash for a more contemporary look. This winder features an adjustable watch support arm and is battery operated with a hi-gloss finish. Featuring a virtually silent programmable winding system, the Swiss Kubik Collection comes in several colors and modular exteriors from anodized aluminum, leather, and carbon fiber finishes.


Modern And Sleek Bluetooth Technology


If your father has more a modern sense of style, we recommend the Chronovision One in Brushed Aluminum and Chrome. This winder is the latest in smart technology, allowing you to use Bluetooth to fully program your winder with any computer or by using a smartphone app. The winding system is able to program up to six winders at a time, so you can build your collection at your convenience. Additionally, its exterior case is made from high-quality lightweight synthetic terpolymer topped with polished chrome and accented with brushed aluminum trim. The Chronovision Collection comes in many exteriors from elmwood, Macassar, chrome, aluminum, and titanium in matte, hi-gloss and silk finishes


Full Fledged Watch Boutique At Your Service

At TimeScape, not only do we offer the best men's luxury watches, in town but service and repair most watch brands. We also buy, sell, and trade pre-owned, rare, estate and high-end timepieces. We sell replacement parts and service all our luxury watch winders and brands. If you have questions or need assistance with your purchase, we are always happy to help. Don't hesitate to stop in and visit the store location in Edina, Minnesota. We are proud to be a full-fledged watch boutique that carries watch boxes, watch cases, and watch accessories as well. Visit TimeScape today and give your dad the perfect gift for Father's day.

March 21, 2017


Artisian Watch Winding Presentations from RDI - Charles Kaeser

Prestige K10-1 Watch Winder from RDI - Charles Kaeser with white Roman column background

Charles Kaeser is a Swiss Inventor with 40 years of innovation that started in the pharmaceutical field with creations such as injectable moldings, and homeopathic devices. Now developing and creating luxury items under his own company and brand name RDI which stands for Research Development and Industry.

Charles Kaeser was inspired after designing the innovative remote controlled safe lift, utilizing his many years of experience in the world of robotics and incorporating luxurious materials and precious metals such as gold, palladium and ruthenium.  Conceived and paying homage to the art and complications of luxury Swiss watchmaking and designed for collectors and lovers of horology is what drives RDI-Charles Kaeser innovative watch winding creations.  The moto is to create a masterpiece that embodies the spirit of the most refined timepieces with the concept of elegance and a refined simplistic exterior that captures the sophisticated technological innovations from within.

With Collections that range from the simplistic Horizon to the high-end Prestige and the limited edition Signature line commissioned by artists, RDI by Charles Kaeser offers a diverse selection of watch winding options.  With jewel-like qualities and high-performance internal mechanisms these watch winders use high quality and cutting edge materials such as carbon fiber, exotic leathers and finishes with artistic design aesthetics including decorative metal columns and smoked glass panels to beautifully showcase your timepiece like a work of art. The Prestige and Signature Collection is devised of a unique ring system which allows connecting of individual winders to build, stack and form your own distinct configurations as your watch collection grows.

Developed, assembled and manufactured in house in the Servion of the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland home of fine Swiss watchmaking.  All models are ultra-silent and battery operated for use in safes or run via power adapter. Choose from single or multi-winding programs up to 16 with clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional rotation options.

RDI – Charles Kaeser is a unique, eclectic and avant-garde exhibition presentation piece to beautifully accompany any fine timepiece in displaying and maintaining precision winding specifications. We here at TimeScape are proud to offer this prestige line and are the only authorized dealer within the United States that have a storefront location specializing in watch winders and watch accessories.

March 08, 2017


Introducing ChronoVision: Watch Winding Technology from DesignHutte

Chronovision One Watch Winder Collection carbon fiber chrome Macassar white silk

The Chronovision line of contemporary watch winders is fairly new to the horological market from the company Designhutte. Completely conceptualized, designed and made in Germany with parts manufactured from the Sauerland region of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Chronovision Collection uses the latest in smart technology and easily synchronizes with entire line to adapt to your growing watch collection.


Fine German Craftsmanship

: Chronovision one chrome black high gloss single watch winderWith two years in development, using over 70 individual parts with 23 production steps, inspected and handmade by German craftsman the Chronovision One was designed. The line concept was developed and takes inspiration for its name sake from the chronograph, paying homage to the multi-functional and sometimes complicated wrist watch. The center console body is made of aluminium with a sturdy synthetic terpolymer shell, accented with carbon fiber, chrome, titanium and exotic woods with over 40 variations of designs and finishes to choose from.  The 4 x 4 x 4 modular cube is compact, lightweight and easily stackable, sleek and battery operated to use in safes or your travels. This unique device can easily sync with the entire line so you can expand these contemporary watch winders as your timepiece collection grows.


Incorporating Smart Technology

Programmed via Bluetooth® technology with a simple App for your smartphone (iOS and Android) or using a USB connection to your PC or Mac computer, your setting can be adjusted and saved.  The winding rotations are virtually silent and are capable of clockwise, counterclockwise and alternating directions with a sleep phase mode (any rotations that were missed will be subsequently made up in the active phase). The winding revolutions start from 500 up to 2650 turns per day with adjustments that can be programmed and set per 50 increments. Equipped with a quick wind setting for watches with a low power reserve and a rest mode that stops at the 12 o’clock.

Not only can you use the battery mode you can also operate your Chronovision One by using the USB cord to charge your winder capable of supplying power for up to six modules in series at the same time. There is a low battery indicator function that stops the winding mechanism at the 10 o’clock position and an indicator mode on the software app.


Grows With Your Watch Collection

The Chronovision One gives you endless possibilities to create and expand your winding solutions with a harmonious contemporary watch winder collection that works in unison and cohesion with each other. The single unit watch winders are elegant and beautiful and can continue to grow and expand just as your timepiece collection does. Let us here at TimeScape help you in synchronizing these gentle winding mechanisms to your taste and preferences with additional options for customizing safes and collector boxes.  

February 22, 2017


What to Look For When Buying a Vintage Watch

Gloved hand holding Hamilton Khaki Harrison Ford Wrist Watch silver dial with brown band and stainless steel case


There are a number of good reasons to consider buying a vintage watch. For starters, many vintage watches are exceptionally valuable, either because of their design or historicity, though ideally, both. While there are a multitude of reasons for purchasing a vintage watch, it’s worth noting that it can also be a problematic enterprise. To protect yourself from potential errors, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some of the best ways to procure a luxury vintage watch at a fair price, and with the right credentials. Here are a few of the best tips we here at TimeScape suggest to help get you started.


Do Your Homework


Chronoswiss Timemaster CH 2833 Watch with yellow dial and papersWhile it may seem obvious, even seasoned watch collectors can be coaxed into buying a gorgeous vintage watch without conducting proper research. Since luxury vintage watches are often purchased from smaller proprietors or under less traditional circumstances, it can be tempting to move ahead with a purchase without doing your homework. However, it is to your advantage to take a step back, examine the paperwork, and get an expert second opinion. Be sure to purchase your items from a reputable person or dealer, and check into their return policy. Be wary of establishments or businesses that do not offer some sort of guarantee of authenticity or warranty. Last but not least, it is best to physically inspect the watch if possible, as many items for sale on the internet use stock photos, and not the genuine picture of the pre-owned item in its authentic condition. Be sure to trust your instincts, but definitely do your research.


Get It Checked Out


Watchmaker in lab looking through telescope at watchMuch like a vintage car, a vintage watch may look gorgeous, but it’s important to poke around under the hood. Enlist a trusted watchmaker, expert, or specialist to confirm that the watch you’re interested in is in good condition and has worn well over time. Verify that the watch is free from water damage and other environmental considerations, functions well, and contains original components and findings. While it may take some doing, the trouble of confirming this information will be worth it in the long run. We here at TimeScape have an expert watch technician that can authenticate watches. Be sure if you are entrusting a professional, they are certified and have had several years of experience in the industry.


Find a Design That You Love


It can be tempting to buy a vintage watch simply because of its purported value, but you’ll be happiest in the long-term with a watch that you personally adore. While luxury vintage watches can prove to be strong investment pieces, the most valuable item you own will be the one that you’re genuinely drawn to. With that said, be honest with yourself about what you’re looking for before you ever set foot in a shop, and do some preliminary searches in advance so that you feel comfortable with your own aesthetic preferences, eras of interest, and specific designers.


Enlist the Help of a Trusted Expert

Salesman showing a Ulysse Nardin watch with black gloves on standing over a display caseThere are three primary types of experts that are arguably the most useful in guaranteeing the value and authenticity of a vintage watch: watchmakers, manufacturers, and expert dealers. Watchmakers are often considered valued experts because of their insider knowledge and depth of experience. Likewise, manufacturers can often be contacted directly and, while it may take time, can often provide valuable information on several of their older models. Expert dealers are of enormous value because they are, in many cases, the most likely to have direct experience with a watch’s history, documentation, and appraisal value. By developing relationships with those involved in the industry, you’ll feel considerably more confident in your purchase of a vintage timepiece.


At TimeScape, we’re pleased to offer our advice and share our knowledge of our unrivaled selection of contemporary timepieces, vintage luxury watches, and professional winders. Along with our incomparable selection of watches and accessories, we also pride ourselves on having the expertise to support our one-of-a-kind collection. To learn more, or to inquire about a particular item, reach out to us directly in person, by phone at (877) 525-8880, or via email at