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January 02, 2017


Introducing Kairos – The New Ultra-Modern Luxury Watch Safe

Kairos Watch Safe

TimeScape is pleased to feature one of our affiliates: Kairos, a manufacturer of safes for watches, has created a sophisticated design that will take your breath away and elevate the enjoyment of your fine timepieces to a new level. Kairos safes provide cutting-edge security and convenience, making them essential items for serious watch aficionados who demand superior luxury watch storage. These safes showcase our own Orbita DIY watch winder modules.

Unmatched Security

Built with 60+ years of experience constructing safes for gold mines, banks, and fine jewelry manufacturers, these luxury  safes can be counted on to thwart any would-be intruders.

Kairos incorporates solid steel plate constructed doors and bodies, inner jambs surrounded by thick solid steel bars, ball bearing hinges fabricated from high strength steel, and UL listed “High Security” locks for reliable protection. Kairos safes for watches proudly carry internationally recognized UL listings, ensuring reliable security at commercial or residential levels, according to your preference.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Kairos safeEach Kairos watch safe is precision crafted to your specifications in our California factory, and each unit boasts meticulous attention to detail. Sophisticated materials such as carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, and polished metals make these safes a pleasure to even the most discriminating eye. Your
luxury watch storage unit can be customized with an abundance of options and features, ensuring a perfect fit for all of your unique needs and desires.

Unrivaled Usability

Discerning timepiece enthusiasts also choose Kairos safes for watches for their exceptional convenience. Enjoy Orbita watch winders that keep your watches ready to wear at a moment’s notice, easy push button or fingerprint entry, and smooth-riding, self-closing drawers that respond to even the lightest touch. These luxury safes for watches are configured at a detail level that supports your collection of values and rhythm of life.

Uniquely Configured

All of our Kairos safes for watches are built to your requested specifications. You choose the colors and components, number and type of watch winders, drawers with custom interiors, and shelves. The paints and fabrics used are of the highest quality. Choose high gloss or matte auto-quality paint, and elegant microsuede, both in your preferred color choice.

Highly acclaimed and American-made, Orbita watch winders come in two varieties.
Kairos safe for watchesRotorwind winders mimic the natural movement of your wrist with oscillations triggered every 8 or 12 minutes. Programmable winders are set to the specifications of your individual watch, with winding cycles of 650, 800, 950, or 1,300 turns per day, as well as a choice of clockwise, counterclockwise, or automatic reversing rotation. You choose your technology and quantity.

Drawers lined with microsuede can be left open for full flexibility of use, or divided into compartments to organize and protect your individual items, jewelry, keys, pens, cash, passports, and other personal essentials.

Kairos delivers luxury watch storage with the look you desire.

Ultimate Support

Kairos Casoro SafeThe Kairos Collection is the newest member of the
Casoro family of luxury safes for watches.  Expert consultants will provide guidance in selecting the right location for your safe, configuring the safe, shipping and delivery, as well as any questions that may come up before and after your safe arrives. The first piece of advice comes from our customers: buy a safe larger than you think you’ll need. There’s a strong chance you’ll end up taking advantage of the impressive selection of watches at Timescape or incorporating your own ideas using the Orbita DIY watch winder module, and growing your collection over the years!

Kairos Moment

Kairos is the ancient Greek word for “the right or opportune moment, the supreme moment.” Create your Kairos moment now!


December 28, 2016


Maurice Lacroix: Your Time Is Now

It’s no secret that Swiss watchmakers dominate the industry of fine and luxury timekeeping internationally. Consider Maurice Lacroix, although still considered fairly new to the Swiss watchmaking industry since 1975, Maurice Lacroix is fast becoming a highly respected and truly one-of-a-kind source for some of the best watches on earth. With stand-out designs, unique innovations and complications with time-honored techniques we’re excited to take a look at this exceptional brand and to highlight a few of our favorites.


Exceptional Craftsmanship

One of the features that most distinguishes Maurice Lacroix Swiss watches is their

extraordinary attention to detail. From inner workings to outer design, each watch reflects the playfulness and perfectionism of the brand. Based in Switzerland and headquartered in Zurich, the company prides itself on crafting each of its watches in-house, from ETA quartz and mechanical movements to their own complex  movements and advanced mechanical components. Embodying the dedication to perfection of the Swiss watchmaking tradition, Maurice Lacroix also pushes the industry forward with new and cutting-edge features, innovative detailing, and superior craftsmanship, both inside and out from the original “Masterpiece”Collection, to “Masterpiece Chronograph” and their “
Les Mecaniques” pieces.


Diverse Offerings

While quality craftsmanship is key to any luxury timepiece, Maurice Lacroix’ Swiss
also excel in their diverse watches that can suit every style, taste, and personal aesthetic. For high-end watch aficionados who also lead an active lifestyle, Maurice Lacroix offers an array of casual and sport watches that are second to none. As a stunning example, the Pontos S Extreme Watch (available with detailing in blue, red, orange, or two shades of green) captures a rugged sense of adventure and flagless dedication to luxury with elements of genuine calfskin leather, high-grade sapphire crystal, and a proprietary alloy of titanium, zirconium, aluminum, ceramic, and magnesium. Likewise, dress watches like the Eliros Date Watch exhibit the elegance and attention to detail for which the brand is so highly regarded.





With compelling selections of sport watches, transitional watches, and luxury dress
Maurice Lacroix’ Swiss watches are noted for their versatility and timeless style. Those who recognize the brand’s outstanding commitment to craftsmanship and fine design continue to be delighted by new developments—both in terms of manufacturing and design—that set Maurice Lacroix apart. Swiss watch connoisseurs
value the excellence and prestige of the brand while trusting its time-honored methods and cutting-edge knack for superior execution. Above all, this notable company has carved out a reputation for combining a truly artisan ethos with distinctive contemporary appeal.

Proven Excellence

Purchasing a Maurice Lacroix Watch

Our collection of Maurice Lacroix Swiss watches includes an array of selections from the
 Pontos, Fiaba, Eliros, and the Les Classiques Collection,for both men and women. In addition to enjoying the look and feel of any Maurice Lacroix watch, you’ll also experience the sense of confidence and prestige that define each offering from this extraordinary designer. Each purchase is accompanied by a 2-year warranty and complimentary free shipping and is backed by decades of expertise within the luxury watch industry.


We  invite you to peruse our collection and to reach us anytime at (877) 525-8880, or via email at, with questions regarding a particular timepiece or the Maurice Lacroix brand.


December 21, 2016


Affordable Stocking Stuffers & Last-Minute Gift Ideas For The Watch Lover

Watch Lovers Gift Ideas

Are you shopping for a luxury watch collector this holiday season? If late December is fast approaching and you’re still looking for gift ideas, let us help you today. We’ve put together a list of last-minute gift ideas and affordable stocking stuffer alternatives that any horology connoisseur will appreciate.

Battery Operated Watch Winders

For the automatic timepiece lover in your life, a battery operated watch winder is a great
gift. A watch winder allows convenient storage for automatic watches while keeping them powered. With the correct settings, these types of cases allow for watches to be ready at a moment’s notice. Keep in mind that different models can run on batteries, through a wall charger, and even solar power, so you can shop appropriately based on your watch lover’s needs.


Buben & Zorweg Vantage 8

TimeScape is an authorized retailer of several of the top battery operated watch winder brands, so we have faith that we can help you find a last-minute gift that any collector will love.  

The Buben & Zorweg Vantage Collection  is bound to be a hit, with solid wood construction and lacquered finished details of macassar woods or carbon fiber accents. The velour interior, and crystal glass window elegantly displays and showcases your timepieces while winding. The Vantage comes in 2,4,8 or 12 unit cabinets. Choose the matching Vantage Watch Case for additional storage for something extra special this holiday season for your watch connoisseur.  Whatever you choose the Vantage Collection is most appropriate for the man in your life with refined  tastes and looks great in any study or closet.


Affordable Stocking Stuffer Version

Do you like the idea of a premium battery operated watch winder but want to save money? A single-unit winder offers the functionality and thought of the classic tabletop watch winder case shown above but at a lower price. The Orbita Sparta Collection is a single unit watch winder that comes in bright, modern, and compact colors and sizes. . With its open face design, it can be used with nearly any watch no matter its size or thickness. This means your gift recipient will certainly have a use for it. Plus, the Orbita Sparta is very multi-functional; it can be used as a display on its own or try the mini version for travel or use it as part of a watch safe setup as this conveniently runs on batteries.


Timepieces From The Best Swiss Watch Brands

Swiss watches are widely regarded as the best timepieces in the world. The supreme craftsmanship, elegant designs, and innovative features add to the lasting appeal of these long-lasting, timeless designs. Giving a gift from the best watchmakers and designers in the world can complement a growing collection or inspire a loved one to learn more about the elegant side of luxury timepieces.

Maurice Lacroix is a newcomer to the fine timepiece market with just 40 years of
Eliros Dateinnovation but fast becoming one of the
best Swiss watch companies on the market. The Eliros Date Collection is a classic and pristine piece made for both men and woman in variations of dials. The traditional style will be a show stopper and command authority and sophistication in any business meeting. The Maurice Lacroix Eliros Date comes in a variety of colored dials and case finishes with bracelet and calf-skin straps. The El1087-PVP01-410-1 is a 38mm case with quartz movement.  Its regal blue dial with rose gold colored case with indexes and roman numeral markers beautifully complement the bluecalf skin leather strap, offering top-of-the-line Swiss elegance. TimeScape is proud to be one of few  authorized dealers in the upper Midwest that carries the full line of Maurice Lacroix.



Last Minute Gift Ideas

Lady Liberty Coin WatchYou’ll be pleased to know that TimeScape maintains a selection of certified pre-owned luxury watches. Reliably and meticulously maintained, these pieces from the best Swiss watch companies and other brands can be a way of achieving significant savings while gifting a unique, sometimes no longer sold timepiece. The 1998 Lady Liberty coin watch seen here is a special find for watch lovers and  collectors alike. It’s a stunning example of why it’s sometimes better to shop pre-owned as you will  never know what fabulous items you will find and encounter from quartz pieces to discontinued and limited edition products. We here at TimeScape consign, buy, sell and trade most pre-owned timepieces so feel free to hop our pre-owned selection for great stocking stuffers today just in time for the holidays.

Speedometer Official CufflinksAnother great affordable gift idea which will fit perfect in his stocking is a pair of Speedometer Official stainless steel cufflinks. Made in Italy Speedometer Official takes its inspiration from a diver watch bezel with calibrated markings in many color combination and finishes including gold and platinum finishes including genuine diamond versions. Mix and match and add the matching bangle bracelet which will work in perfect unison with a gentleman's timepieceIt’s not a huge gamble to suggest that a luxury watch connoisseur might enjoy traveling, whether for business or for pleasure. While storage solutions for travel may be overlooked, the collector in your life will definitely appreciate these versatile, high-quality cases.



Watch Storage for Travelers

It’s not a huge gamble to suggest that a luxury watch connoisseur might enjoy traveling, whether for business or for pleasure. While storage solutions for travel may be 
overlooked, the collector in your life will definitely appreciate these versatile, high-quality cases.


Underwood London Watch Holder RollThe Underwood watch holder is a London-designed traditional leather travel storage container. The smooth leather case can fit up to five large timepieces while protecting them with a microfiber lined interior. It’s perfect for the indecisive traveler who wants options. Plus, the collection comes in several gorgeous colored handmade leathers in smooth, crocodile grained and carbon fiber covering with several sizes which are great for travel during this hectic holiday season. The watch roll holder can also hold bracelets and other clasp jewelry or remove it to store larger size items to your liking.  


Buben & Zorweg Watch CaseA single watch traveler is an affordable version of a larger, multi-watch case. As such,
Traveller Collection Case from Buben & Zorweg is an elegant, understated, and protective addition to any watch connoisseur’s collection. It features a hard calf-skin leather exterior and a secure opening mechanism for safe traveling. For secure traveling, the interior offers a snug-fit cushion and soft black velour to protect against scratches and scrapes. The Collection cases by Buben & Zorweg come in a variety of sizes, colors and finishes and are also incredibly versatile and can be used with many different types of watches, ensuring that your gift gets plenty of use throughout its very long lifetime.                                           

What Else?

If you’re still looking for great gift ideas for a luxury watch collector, or if you have any questions about the items we’ve listed here, feel free to contact us online or reach us by phone at (952) 525-8880. We here at TimeScape always offer free shipping within the United States and can usually have the product to you within a few days.

Tell us for whom you’re shopping and we’ll help you explore your options. Whether you’re intrigued by the idea of a battery operated watch winder, a premium timepiece, an accessory, or more, we have the expertise and world-class customer service to help you this holiday season.
























December 12, 2016


The Best Gifts For Luxury Watch Connoisseurs

Luxury Watch Safe

We know how difficult it can be to shop for the luxury watch collector in your life.This is why we want to help you explore gift options for your luxury watch connoisseur. From a luxury watch safe to complementary timepiece accessories, here are four best gift ideas from TimeScape.


Gifts for Showing Off

Underwood watch winderA good place to start for a gift is a stylish display case for the timepiece aficionado to display their favorite watches. If watch collecting is a true passion, then a case is a perfect way for them to showcase their hobby with pride. Upgrade to a watch winder if they have a large collection of automatic watches so that they can pull the watch out at any time, knowing it’s calibrated to the correct time and date.

Watch winders and display cases come in so many designs that there’s bound to be one that matches the decor and sensibilities of the recipient. Take the UN7824 by Underwood  (London), a three unit watch winder with jewelry case in a lux macassar high gloss lacquered wood finish. The classic design incorporates three removable rotobox watch winders with a protective lockable glass door. The hinged flip top lid houses individual various sized compartments to hold jewelry and watches. The UN7824 is the perfect piece of furniture to hold your jewelery and wind your watches that is suitably fit for a stately den or office.


The Safe Bet

If your timepiece connoisseur needs a secure storage solution for his collection of
watches, then a
luxury watch safe is a great, functional gift. Floor safes and models that can be installed flush with the wall are available, along with do-it-yourself modules.Depending on the space available, we can customize the exact size and specification of your watch safe along with exterior  finishes and colors. Whatever your preferences, we maintain a selection of some of the most cutting-edge safes with high-tech security and display functions available, including sleek LCD display control programs and modern LED light illumination.

Additionally, most of our watch safes can incorporate interior components such as specialized jewelry drawers and multiple watch winders, giving you more protective storage that also provides superior watch maintenance. Your luxury watch connoisseur can pull a favorite timepiece out of the safe whenever they want, knowing it’s as precise and tuned as when they placed it in the safe.


When in Doubt

It might be strange to suggest, but it’s too often overlooked as a gift idea; consider getting the luxury watch connoisseur a premium strap or bracelet. A watch strap for a timepiece they already own is a fun, thoughtful way to give them a new way to explore a piece they already love. A new watch band or strap can make a timepiece more casual or more elegant, giving the connoisseur more options for how to wear their watch. Straps today come in all kinds of exotic leathers and colors from teju lizard, ostrich, alligator to silicone, canvas, to NATO style, with a variety of textures, finishes, and stitching.  

Here at TimeScape we can assist you in selecting just the right watch strap to fit your timepiece, and offer complimentary fitting with your purchased band. Perhaps all you need is just a cleaning to restore your timepiece to its full prestine condition. We also offer ultrasonic cleaning of your case and bracelet with a fresh 1- year battery guarantee for our high-grade battery services. At TimeScape we have full
watch repair services for all your timepiece needs.  For any gift idea you have in mind, we’re always on-hand to discuss our collection of premium timepieces, luxury watch safes, winders, watch boxes and accessories.. We pride ourselves on providing world-class service, whether you’re purchasing from our online store or in-person. If you’d like to learn more about great gift ideas for the luxury watch collector in your life, contact us online or reach us by phone at 1 (877) 525-8880 today


December 05, 2016


Top Luxury and Limited Edition Watch Winders On the Market




A watch winder is an elegant way to keep and display your automatic timepieces, as well
as maintain their accuracy and save you time calibrating them. To help you get started on your quest for a
high-end watch winder, we’ve assembled a list of some of our top luxury and limited edition watch winders currently available on the market.




Scatola Del Tempo 3RTM XXL

For something truly breathtaking and for those with a deep pocketbook, the Italian luxury brand, Scatola del Tempo offers the diamond-encrusted 1RTM. A single unit watch winder elegantly set with 1,563 Top Wesselton WS 89.9 carat precious diamonds is an extravagant and magnificent way to display and wind your fine timepiece. However, consider another option, just as a wholly unique design, the 3RTM XXL is crafted to display up to three extra-large watches from a wide range of shapes and sizes. Any high-end watch winder that’s worth your time doubles as a practical winder (this one features ten rotating winding programs), and as a statement piece for your home or office. With exposed gears and an anodized aluminum exterior, the Scatola Del Tempo 3RTM XXL draws attention and redirects it to the gorgeous timepieces you choose to display in it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



RDI by Charles Kaeser K-10 Collection





A true masterpiece of design and functionality, the RDI K-10 Collection by Charles
RDI K-10Kaeser comes in several styles and designs. The
high end watch winder with sleek modern style that utilizes classic design with state-of-the-art technology.  The winding unit incorporates styling elements of smoke glass panels,chrome and carbon fiber accents, with metal decorative columns and fine leather interiors. The K-10 Collection features a robust frame with 16 programmable winding functions that are virtually silent. For something more ethereal, the RDI Signature LE Collection incorporates elements of nature with planetree, burr woods, exotic leathers and mother-of-pearl. The limited edition pieces are inspired by nature and designed by artists, each piece being unique, numbered, and one-of-a-kind.



Orbita Artisan Collection

The luxury of the Orbita Artisan Collection isn’t just in its luxurious watch winding wood
Orbita Artisancase but the craftsmanship featuring the art of intarsia design. Individual small wood pieces are meticulously assembled together in a puzzle like manner creating a beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind patterned finish by the Italian artist Giuseppe Miniero. Each piece is a true work of art and limited in production. The watch winder is colorful with a
 lacquered wood finish with different design motifs, black velveteen suede lined interior, and a protective scratch resistant bottom to protect furniture. Another favorite and limited edition collection is the Ercolano line commissioned by the artist Ercolano Kandisky. Choose from single unit, double and triple unit watch winders painted with colorful abstract shapes and designs with a hi-gloss lacquered finish. The hinged lid has a beveled glass panel that displays your timepiece like a work of art framed around this stunning winding box. The Orbita Limited Edition Collections double as focal points for displaying and showcasing your favorite watches, while maintaining their winding specifications.




A World of Winders

These are just a few choice pieces of our favorite high-end, prestigious watch winders available on the market today. We here at TimeScape strive to accommodate many tastes and styles of the discerning gentleman. We understand the world of watch winders, and will help in selecting just the right pairing to coincide with your wrist watch. If you take a liking to any of these items, contact us today for prices and availability.

We stand apart by providing top-of-the-line, expert service online and in our store. If you’re looking for innovative storage solutions and more, we’re confident that we can find the ideal high-end watch winder for your timepiece collection.

November 30, 2016


The Best Watch Storage Solutions

storage box for your watches

If you have a growing collection of luxury timepieces, now is the time to discover some creative, stylish watch storage solutions. This means you can liberate yourself by tossing the manufacturer’s packaging that your watch came in, and invest in a unique watch box or jewelry case available through our online store.

The Wolf Company is a brand based in Sweden with decades of experience in exquisite European design in jewelry cases, watch boxes, and watch winders since 1834. If you’re looking for an elegant storage box for your watches , Wolf brand offers many innovative storage solutions like the Cub Collection in vibrant colors to keep your automatic timepieces perfectly maintained, and the stunning Marrakesh watch displays that create new, exciting focal points in your decor, or two in one options that do both, like the Savoy line. Here are some versatile watch and jewelry storage solutions for you to explore from several reputable brands.


Wolf Jewelry Box


Wolf’s Marrakesh large jewelry caseFor an exotic, stylish storage box for several watches, look no further than Wolf’s Marrakesh large jewelry case. The Marrakesh Collection offers a striking mosaic design, created by applying circular studs on smooth black calf-skin leather. A soft suede lining and leather detailing on the interior make it a treat to open up and arrange your watches, jewelry, cufflinks, or whatever you choose to store in it. This jewelry box provides thirty storage compartments and comes with additional travel boxes. These compartments and the overall versatility of this box are part of what makes this a stellar multi- functional watch and jewelry storage solution.


Rapport Watch Storage Box


Rapport Watch Storage BoxFor something a bit more understated, but with modern style consider the Heritage Collection by Rapport, of London. The Bamboo  8 unit wood storage case L406 is a unique watch box in that it comes with a patterned stained hi-gloss finish giving it a visual appeal in any environment. This box is key lockable with a hinged cover and comes in several striking colors with gold or chrome colored hardware. For efficient storage, this model can hold up to eight  watches and measures 11.8 inches wide.


Scatola del Tempo Briefcase for Watches


Scatola del Tempo Briefcase for WatchesFor the ultimate watch enthusiast and serious collector the 24B OS XXL by the Italian company Scatola del Tempo is a secure leather storage box for multiple watches that holds up to 24 oversize timepieces of any size and dimension. The double handled grained calf-skin leather case has a twin combination lock and and an interior lined with pure silk jacquard to keep your items protected and safe. As an ideal storage box for several watches, this case has twelve individual compartments on each side with a sturdy leather divider that snaps in place to keep your watches from moving during transport and scratch free. You can be assured your timepiece collection will travel well safely and in style.


TimeScape’s Watch Storage Solutions


As luxury watch experts, TimeScape has seen some very creative ways that our customers have stored their watches. While some may choose more traditional jewelry or watch cases, we always aim to bring you the latest and greatest advances in storage, technology, and design.

TimeScape is an authorized seller of Wolf, Rapport of London, Scatola del Tempo watch winders, jewelry boxes and watch storage cases. Our business depends on customer service from experienced and helpful watch experts, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about the right storage box for your watches or how to care for your collection.

November 21, 2016


Seiko: The Perfect Holiday Gift

 As we’re gearing up for holiday season at TimeScape, we’re often asked for perfect gift recommendations. One brand that we find ourselves mentioning time and time again is Seiko, a company dedicated to perfection, and often recognized by others in the industry as an overlooked treasure.

An elegant watch can be a complement to another gift or the piece de resistance of your holiday gift giving. Finding the right watch for your loved one shows thought and skill, which is why we offer an impressive selection of Seiko timepieces.

At TimeScape, we understand that a Seiko timepiece is reliable and high-quality, while remaining an incredible value. Moreso, Seiko watches are truly perfect holiday gifts for both gift givers and recipients.


Seiko is a Thoughtful Gift

Seiko timepiece is a great gift for watch connoisseurs, as they can recognize the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Each watch is produced completely in-house, allowing Seiko to have excellent control over every step of its construction, creating everything in the production process—down to movements and screws. This means that Seiko watches are incredibly precise and accurate, something a timepiece enthusiast can appreciate and enjoy learning more about.

Seiko has also done a great job of developing a wide range of timepieces, which allows you to find one to fill any missing spot in your loved ones’ collection. From water-resistant divers and canvas-strapped weekend watches, to retro redesigns and elegant solar powered pieces, Seiko has something for everyone.

Consider the Seiko Automatic Diver SKX175, pictured to the left, a high-performance watch that exceeds expectations for those looking for something that merges rugged, sporty appeal with elegant luxury. Its bracelet is made from brushed and polished stainless steel and features incredible magnetic and water resistance (up to 200m). As far as elegance, this Seiko watch provides a subtly modern, sporty design with 21 jewels, and a scratch-resistant Hardlex crystal. It’s just one piece that makes it obvious why Seiko is the Japanese word for exquisite.

Seiko timepieces are also well-regarded among watch connoisseurs for the company’s long reputation for high standards. Founded in 1881, the Seiko brand began creating wrist watches in 1924 out of its headquarters in Tokyo. As such, the company helped cement the Japanese timepiece industry as one known for its well-developed and precise models. Here are just a few of Seiko’s exciting accomplishments:

  • Creating the first quartz wristwatch and the chronograph quartz;
  • Innovating green technologies like the first kinetic timepiece that’s powered by the wearer’s movement, and the world’s first GPS solar watch;
  • Remaining on the cutting edge of technology by innovating the world's first TV watch and watches with sound-recording and computer functions;
  • Pushing boundaries by designing the first watch crafted specifically for a space walk
  • Accumulating industry accolades such as the 2015-2016 World Branding Forum Brand of the Year Award (Watch Category) and the 2014 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève award for the Petite Aiguille category (for watches under 8000 Swiss francs).

    It’s Better to Give...

    The perfect gift is just as ideal for the giver as the recipient, and Seiko timepieces fulfill this quite adequately. For starters, watch connoisseurs recognize the value—bargain
    even—of a
    Seiko timepiece. These pieces are widely known to be comparable to watches of various price points. From classic, entry-level timepieces to the most luxurious precision watches, Seiko’s products can fit any collector’s budget. It’s this versatility that also makes Seiko watches such great gifts. Many of them double as relaxed weekend pieces that can be taken out to rugged outdoor adventures. Others maintain both elegance and a sporty style, making them appropriate for professional and formal occasions, depending on one’s style and preference.  

    Even the most luxurious Seiko watches provide something extra for the recipient. Many of Seiko’s premium offerings come standard with innovative features like scratch-resistant faces and solar-powered automation. If you’re buying for someone who loves well-designed timepieces, then you’ll be happy to know that Seiko offers manual winding and hacking watches. For others, or for the eco-conscious, technology lover in your life, there are a broad range of automatic Seiko timepieces available.

    Seiko watches are so precise and well-designed that it’s easy to see how they can instill a passion and inspire a new hobby for high-quality timepieces. Watch connoisseurs, alternatively, love Seiko watches as a way to add diversity and versatility to their collections.

    Furthermore, you can be content gifting a Seiko watch knowing that it is a durable, high-quality piece. Seiko’s reputation far surpasses many of its Japanese peers and is very often compared favorably to Swiss watchmakers. While many quartz watches will last decades with simple attention, a servicing every three years will ensure that your Seiko watch stays accurate and precise for years to come.


    Shop With TimeScape This Holiday Season

    At TimeScape, we aim to cultivate an unforgettable collection of luxurious, stylish timepieces, that honor the incredible traditions and time-tested watchmaking designs. Seiko is a true gem in our selection of exclusive brands. The brand crafts very intricate, connected watches that excite timepiece aficionados. Value, reliability, and quality are three huge reasons why a Seiko timepiece makes a perfect holiday gift.

    TimeScape is an an authorized Seiko dealer. This means that Seiko trusts us to honorably represent them and, in return, our customers are entitled to warranties and exclusive offerings. If you have further questions about the Seiko brand or anything else having to do with our timepieces, watch winders, storage cases, or accessories, please contact us at 1 (877) 525-8880 or email us at

    Our knowledgeable, world-class customer service is a driving factor in TimeScape’s continuing success as an online timepiece boutique. If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift this year, browse our premium collection of Seiko watches today.